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Indiansfoods is a Food blog Website which provides information regarding Indian foods and other international foods.

This Website ( has soul intention to solve the queries related to food recipes, restaurant reviews, etc.

We are working as a team to help the people asking their questions regarding any food-related stuff or review about any restaurant. We are extremely proud of our customers who believe in us and support us so that we can create a benchmark in upcoming days in the field of Food and drinks and restaurant reviews.

Sections in which our website post regularly

1. Trending Recipes

This section has been divided into mainly two parts one is Veg Recipes and another one is For Non- Veg Recipes. In this section, we cover all kinds of trending Recipes both veg and non-veg which users search on the internet or either they are looking for something interesting to cook for their dinner, lunch, or Breakfast.

2. Restaurant in your city

This is one of the most Unique part of our website where we Give reviews of a particular restaurant or give suggestions about specific best foods available in your city . We currently are working on major cities like Delhi , Mumbai , Kolkata , Chennai , Hyderabad , and we are looking forward to expand more in coming future .
This section has helped our users Allot from best restaurants to best foods in your city they get very detailed and crisp information about everything before trying.

3. Other Recipes

This Section covers all the small section like snacks , sweets , drinks etc. Which paly’s very important role in a life of any foodie. We here in this section particularly focus on these three part and always try to give our users unique and valuable Content.

4.Other Cusienes
As a foodie it’s really impossible to stick into one Cusienes only so we have added two more cuisines for our customers namely Chinese and Italian .We are surely planning to add some more cuisines in near future and believe us coming future will be very exciting for you if you stay in touch with us .


One of the most interesting and fascinating features of our website.This Section has Food News and Food Facts . In food news we try to add the lastest food news happening in the day to day life most of the news belongs from India but we are focusing to cover more news from other countries like America , Canada and Australia as well. Food Facts section consists of exciting food facts which always fascinated by our users .We always try to Bring very much new content from our research to our users.

About the Author

The website Belongs to Kavish Sharma. He is the owner as well the content writer executive of He manages all the work regarding website from Content Writing to the technical SEO of the website.

Who is Kavish Sharma ?

Kavish Sharma is the owner of is an IT Engineer who loves to write about Food recipes and restaurants reviews. He has a deep knowledge about Foods and very passionate about Indians foods. Being the sole motive to make indian foods famous all around the world he works passionately in making his website grow . Besides that Kavish Sharma is also an IT Engineer who loves networking and cybersecurity . Kavish Sharma is also a YouTuber name Kavish vlogs where he shares his daily life vlogging into a very interesting format.