Free Foods For Corona Patients In Kolkata-Free food delivery for covid patients

Foods for Corona Patients

Free Foods For Corona Patients In Kolkata: If you are looking for free foods for corona patients in the Kolkata area or know someone who is in need of food then kindly forward this list to the needy ones. We all have to join and work together to fight this pandemic situation right now. Food is a very essential thing which every human being needs if you find some covid-19 patient who is not able to meet his life requirements then kindly help them as much as possible from your side.

Free Foods for Corona Patients
Foods for Corona Patients

We all know that all our financial stability has been misbalanced due to This pandemic situation and there is a huge economic crisis going on in the country. But we can help the needy people as per our strength, even a small help will be a great cure for them. If you want to help the corona patients then kindly share the below-given list of free foods for corona patients in Kolkata, this list is only for people living in Kolkata we will be bringing out soon the list for Delhi and other states also.

Below given are the names and contact no. for the organization that is providing free foods to the covid-19 patients in Kolkata. Let’s support them for doing this noble cause and be a part of this beautiful cause.

Names of the OrganizationContact No.
Dolar Ranna Ghor ( All over Kolkata) Lintu Dhaba ( Kasba) Tiffin Bros ( All over Kolkata) Epikyoor ( All over Kolkata) Anrita’s Kitchen ( Sealdah, Moulali, Taltala, CIT Road, Park Circus, and other adjacent areas): Nishat Tasnim ( Bag Bagan) Amrito Home Delivery ( All Over Kolkata): Priyank Kothari ( All Over Kolkata) Mrs Kitchen ( New Town): Sarvasv Food ( All over Kolkata) Arnab Home Delivery ( All over Kolkata):9831830794,9874401999/7003291232 6289984733,9123691546/8240648072 8910089477/ 8583020877   8697767907/9051811210 9051159815   9051376319,9830574772 8240571316/9007545785,9051159815
list of free foods for corona patients in Kolkata

CoronaVirus cases are increasing day by day not only in Kolkata but in the whole of India, and social media is playing a vital role in helping people in this time. We have seen people are sharing the post of where the oxygen is available in the towns and which hospital is having free beds in the respective area.

Names of the OrganizationContact No.
Bhramori Roy, Kheyechhe Cloud Kitchen, South Kolkata Spoonful ( All over Kolkata) Bhuri Bhoj ( Howrah): Spoonful ( All over Kolkata): Bhuri Bhoj ( Howrah)   Debasree Basu, Subhra Basu ( Belgachia, Paikpara, and adjoining areas):
Food For Soul ( South Kolkata):
9830041714 9007760418 9051831115   9007760418 9051831115   9674074411/ 9051333386   9477983961
list of free foods for corona patients in Kolkata

we request everyone to take care in this pandemic situation and hope that this bad time will soon come to an end .We can also help other needy people by sharing the post on either social media so that they can get proper information and get the right benefit at right time

More places giving free foods for corona patients in kolkata

  1. OGS Kitchen- 8697082035
  2. Vrinda Patodia- 9433090588
  3. Sramjibi Canteen, Jadavpur- 9748434309
  4. Amrito Home Delivery- 9051159815
  5. Dolar Ranna Ghar- 9831830794
  6. Bhuri Bhoj- 9051831115
  7. Mrs Kitchen- 8910928400
  8. Turni Dhar- 9987508334
  9. Ghar Ki Rasoi- 9051919191 or 9874987724
  10. The Hungry Bear- 9831397018
  11. Nishat Tasnim- 8697767907 or 9051811210

Thali Meals For Patients- Delivering Across Kolkata

1. Shailja Mundhra- 9830220594- Veg

2. Zeera- 9830066624- Veg / Non-Veg

3. Unnati Kitchen- 9830610008- Veg

4. Shweta Jain- 9874987724- Veg

5. Nitu Saraff- 9883132649- Veg

6. Manika Ain- 6289956434- Veg / Non-Veg

7. Aditi Arora- 9831179079- Veg

8. Tiffin Bros- 6289984733- Veg



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