Flying Beast Celebrated Rashi’s 3rd Birthday -The Birthday Cake was So So Amazing!

Flying Beast

Flying Beast YouTube Channel Owner Gaurav Taneja with his whole family celebrated his daughter Rashbhari (Kaira Taneja ) on the 19th of May 2021 and the video was uploaded on the same day. The Audience was rolled over the efforts and decoration made by Gaurav Taneja and his family, but more than the decoration the cake steal all the show of the video.

The most loved Family on the internet is the Taneja Family and everyone loves to be a part of his family virtually. The audience just loves to connect with Flying Beast’s Video as they feel so homely that they treat every member of the family as their family members.

Source : Flying Beast

Rashbhari aka Kaira Taneja always manage to put a smile on the viewer with her cuteness and simplicity. Yesterday Only on she turned 3years Old and we all pray that she might achieve all the happiness in her life .With the blessing of the God and her family the Taneja Family managed to celebrate her birthday in a unique style as Lakhs of people were waiting for the video (Vlog).We appreciate the hard efforts of Guarav Taneja Sir Who always manage to do something or the other special for his family.

Why the Cake Was so special in Rashbhari’s Birthday Vlog?

Apart from the lovely and amazing gifts which rashbhari received on her birthday, the audience was not able to move their eye from the cake, as the cake was so tasty & mouthwatering. Though we haven’t go the cake we are sure the viewers got the taste of the cake just by seeing the video only.

Flying Beast
Source:Flying Beast

Rashbhari got two cakes to cut for her birthday and both the cake was so amazing. The first cake was bought up by the family itself and the second cake was gifted by the Famous Rapper of India Yo Yo Honey Singh. Honey Singh has been found a very gentle and kind-hearted man who is also a big fan of rashbhari cuteness and we have found many times both Honey Singh and Gaurav Sir tagging each other on the social media accounts.

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The Second cake which was gifted by Honey Singh was in a design of a Guitar and it looks so appealing. Of course it looks so tasty that even rashbhari wasn’t able to control itself and tries to eat before cutting the cake only.

Flying Beast
Source:Flying Beast

We all are a big fans of the Flying beast Family and give them all the lovely wishes and pray to god that he achieves all the success in his life. We also pray for Ritu Bhabhi’s (Ritu rathee ) good health and want’s her to come up with the good news soon.

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