Depinder Chhibber impress the Masterchef Australia Judges with Indian Foods


Depinder Chhibber A Indian chef Becomes an overnight Internet sensation after the Viral video from Master Chef Australia was posted on social media.Depinder chhibber is a contestant of the ongoing show Masterchef Australia and she was one of the Indian contestants who just blows away the mind of the Australian judges with her food. She simply made her popular Indian food and giving it a desi touch she presented it as a tiffin meal which goes viral overnight on the internet.

Indian foods are always loved by all the people all over the world. With its legacy of the perfect mixture of spices and the perfect sweet gesture of presentation, it’s one of the most popular foods all over the world. Indian food makes people around the world happy. Even U.S. Vice President Kamal Harris shared two of the nation’s favorite dishes: Idli and Ticca.

Mindy Kaling chose Dosa as an actor and home producer, and Padma Lakshmi shared a recipe for tamarind rice. Admiring Indian food was shown in a recent video as well as foreign Indians. Indian chef Deepinder participates in the most famous cooking show, Master Chef Australia. He had a great thunderstorm and lit the show at the judge’s house.

Master Chef Judges goes mad after tasting Depinder Chhibber Desi foods

Master Chef Australia’s Indian chef Deepinder Chhibber won the judges with his favorite taste. On one of the culinary journeys,Depinder chhibbermade a special dish of cabbage (pea curry), cauliflower, divine cheese, and a special cucumber prepared by her grandmother. “I was inspired by the Tiffin culture, which is very popular in India,” he told the judge.

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Joke Zonfal, one of the show’s judges, tried the meal and said, “Obviously he replied. This is what we wanted. This is a complete meal. Your grandmother is mine. They will collect the recipes for you. .”‘

This video is shared in IGTV’s Official Master Chefs category in Australia and has been viewed more than 141,000 times and the number continues to grow. In a two-minute 16-second video, India’s Chief Deepinder Chhibber explains to the judge what he did. Dishes prepared by Deepinder included pea greens, chickpeas, Panner Kadai, flowering paratha cauliflower, fried rice with ladyfinger fries, and grandmother’s pickles.

Depinder Chhibber
Depinder Chhibber

Australian judges tried chef Deepinder’s cooking but couldn’t explain it. I especially liked the cucumbers prepared at the request of my grandmother. Judge Andy Allen said, “Keep cooking in the same spirit.” Feeling sentimental, Deepider told the judge that this was mainly homemade food he grew up in. Judge Melissa Leung asked, “Can I go to my house?” The jury asked Deepinder to continue cooking with the same spirit and kind of food, and Depinder said, “This is the plan!”

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