Ayush Kadha Cures Covid -19?

ayush kadha

Ayush Kadha: People today are adopting a variety of home remedies for coronavirus like ayush kadha. To win the battle against Corona, it is very important to follow the Covid protocol and resolve the situation positively. During coronary artery disease, people can also take care of their health at home through yoga. Talk to your doctor about corona treatment before using home remedies.

Can Ayush kadha cure the Corona Permanently?

Since last year, we have received a lot of posts and links on social media to improve safety and avoid the seriousness of the quad. Some are original, some are misleading, and some have no legal source. The GDP review report was recently posted on the official Twitter account to hide one of these coded posts reported in the AYUSH section of social media. According to this tweet, social media has spread that Ayush Kadha can improve Covid -19 in just three days. “This is bad news. Here is the tweet from India.

As people learn how to access the crown, these messages continue to spread on social media. However, before starting home treatment for coronary heart disease, you should consult your doctor. One wrong step can cause a lot of trouble in your life. In fact, in an enthusiastic social media post, Ayush’s three-day kitchen said it cures the coronavirus. He claimed in a social media post that a crowned person could recover within three days of taking the “master”.

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What Ministry Of Ayush told Everyone?

A social media post about the virus suggested injecting 30 grams of basil powder, 20 grams of pepper, 30 grams of dried ginger, and 20 grams of cinnamon mixed in boiling water. Prepared by the Ayurvedic government, this special sacred soup was used to perform Ayurvedic tests in just three days on 6,000 corona patients, including 5,998 negative patients, according to reports.

Ayush Kadha
Ayush Kadha

Here is the Recipe which was spreading as fake News on Ayush Kadha !


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The truth About Ayush Kadha

The Twitter government handling PIBFactCheck and investigating fake news has issued a misleading statement on Twitter. To increase immunity, Moyavush recommends taking “Evush decoction”. PIB’s fact-finding team said Ives’ claims about corneal decoration were wrong.



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