The first floral cafe in the UAE will open in Dubai DIFC in June.


The first floral cafe in the UAE will open in Dubai DIFC in June. Soon you will be able to eat, drink and drink coffee in an amazing new cafe in Dubai. Although the city has become home to some of the most popular Instagram cafes in the world, a new cafe will soon be added to the list.

Popular London café EL&N will open at DIFC Dubai in June, we can’t keep calm! For those who do not know this magnificent floral coffee, this is your expectation. EL & N-, which stands for diet, life, and nutrition, first opened in a restaurant in Mayfair in 2017.

The cafe was founded by Alexandra Miller and was born out of Miller’s passion for healthy living. She wants to open a fashion-led gastronomic destination, not only focusing on the delicious food but delicious food as well.

This cafe is now one of the most popular Instagram destinations in the world, with its iconic floral walls, pink interiors, and alternative lattes on social media. EL&N now has 8 branches in London, including Carnaby Street, Selfridges, and St Pancras stations. The cafe will open in the first two weeks of June, this cafe is also famous on Instagram.

First floral cafe in the UAE set to open in June!

Foodies can expect its setting to be very similar to that of the London branch, while the UAE branch is set with additional colors, combining modern colors and bright, bold colors.

first floral cafe in the UAE
first floral cafe in the UAE

The menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Opened in Dubai, when we say “Eternal Rose”, there must be a certain level of expectation attached to it. As the name suggests, the atmosphere of this cafe makes it one of the most popular Instagram spots in town.

The entire café is saturated in black and white, with 2D illustrations to complement the setting. The whole scene makes you feel like you are drawing a picture. Keep cups and plates black and white, letting food and drink add all the colors.

Ebraheem Al Samadi, Founder and CEO of Eternal Rose, said: “We want to bring clients from reality to the fantasy world and bring them new perspectives on life.

first floral cafe in the UAE
first floral cafe in the UAE

At Forever Rose Cafes and our boutiques, we pride ourselves on the atmosphere we provide, the friendly attitude of our staff, the warm welcome to everyone, and the delicious food we provide. A boutique that sells products that match the elegant theme.



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