Man Ordered Apples online but got delivered Apple iPhone 12 !

A dream come true! The man ordered apples from the supermarket, replaced by the iPhone Nick James (Nick James) tells the story of how he ordered a basket of apples through online shopping to get a free Apple iPhone SE. Online ordering has become an hour-long demand, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. From groceries to food packages, everything can be ordered with the push of a button from the comfort of our home.

Generally, the products we order are different from the products we receive. These confusions cause us problems and make us question the advisability of ordering online. However, a person shopping at a supermarket was pleasantly surprised by an online grocery order.

Instead of getting a bag of orders from Apple, you got Apple’s iPhone SE! Check out the tweet he shared: Order) Nick James, a 50-year-old British resident, shared a photo of the iPhone SE that came with his grocery store order. Thanks to the surprise gift provided by the service provider, he wrote on Twitter:

“On Wednesday night, we went to our click and collected orders, and there was a little surprise there: Apple iPhone SE. Obviously, we ordered Apple and got random! I bought an iPhone from Apple! Let my son spend a week! ”The iPhone is part of a new initiative by service provider Tesco, which is launching this marketing campaign for its online shoppers.

The” Super Substitutes “program includes the replacement of essential items with selected gifts for selected customers. For example, ordering laundry tablets can win you a digital tablet! Original items will also be included in the order, but the purpose is to make the customer smile through

Expensive no-obligation gifts This tweet quickly made a splash on the internet and found some media reports. Tesco has reportedly given away 80 types of these products at many UK branches. If you get a call from the grocery store, what is your response? Please let us know in the comments below!

Although James’ unfortunate ending was a happy ending, not all false reports can end well. In March, a woman in China asked for an Apple iPhone, only to receive an Apple-flavored drink.

A Chinese woman named Liu reportedly received a bottle of apple-flavored yogurt in the box of the iPhone 12 Pro Max that she ordered online. Liu had already paid $ 1,500 for the new iPhone. When you received the package, you were waiting for delivery. He was surprised to find a drink instead of a phone.



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