So Tasty! So Delicious! Good Indian Food at India Food Week in Beijing

Indian Food week

People of Bejing got another opportunity to experience the soul of India, this time it is through its food as the India Food Week is being organized for the next seven days. It’s really a heaven for any human being to enjoy the flavors of Indian Foods.

Indian Foods are famous all over the world and it is loved by almost 90% of the people living in the world. Every Year in some of the other parts of India Indian Food Week is organized to give the soulful taste of Indian foods to the whole world.

India Food Week 2021
Source : The Better India

Indians, Chinese, and foreigners of other nationalities alike savored diverse delicacies, anecdotal Indian masala tea, Indian chaat, panipuris, and chowmein alongside delectable desserts like kulfi.

It’s Like A heaven For the People outside India to Enjoy Indian Foods in India Food Week

There was something for everybody. There was a special counter for Salads which offered a spread of salads. Live counters were a special attraction that allowed the foodies to regulate the taste as per their choice.

Beautifully decorated food stalls presented dishes from different Indian states giving a glimpse of mini-India to the visitors. Indianness in plenty, they not only enjoyed the food but also got a glimpse of India’s culture and its diversity through a variety of tastes on to their plates. They said, there are no better thanks to experiencing the soul of India than trying out its sort of food on offer.

A Chinese visitor Jimu said that she may be a big fan of India and learned Hindi also.

She said she was amazed by the spicy flavor of Indian street food especially the Chaat and panipuri. Indian Chef at the hotel Rabiul said that Chinese people like Indian food tons and an honest number of Chinese visited the festival and relished the spicy Indian food.

They are also curious to know Indian culture and loved the preparation methods and therefore the stories related to different delicacies.

India Food Week
Source: The Better India

Rabiul who organized the festival with an Indian chef from another Indian restaurant said that after Beijing, this Indian Food Week is going to be now organized in Shanghai this month.



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