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Ghoomar Restaurant CP Delhi

If you are a fan of Rajasthani Food and Also you live in Delhi then let me introduce you to the best Restaurant for Rajasthani Thali In Delhi C.P it’s none other than Ghoomar Restaurant, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Ghoomar Restaurant is famous for its Quality of Foods and the Dishes are so delicious that you all will love to eat.

Let’s get into details about the Ghoomar Restaurant Menu firstly let me brief You all about the main highlights of Ghoomar Restaurant.

Its Menu has 25+ Veg Recipes Cusienes authentically Rajasthani Flavour. More add-on points are It’s UNLIMITED! Yes, you all heard it right, you can take as many times the food you want, but one thing keeps into mind please don’t waste food.

Before sharing the delicious menu of Ghoomar Restaurant let’s get to know something more about this beautiful restaurant located in Delhi’s Connaught Place.

All about Ghoomar Restaurant Review

Ghoomar Restaurant is an all-day dining Restaurant which is mainly located in New Delhi’s Connaught Place. Ghoomar Restaurant has a franchise all over India right from Jaipur to Amritsar to Delhi providing the delicacy of Rajasthani Food to all their beloved customers.
The interiors are so much balanced with the foods that you will hardly believe that you are in Delhi.

The interiors are such well designed that it really feels that you are sitting in one of the grand palaces of Rajasthan. Not only this you all will be welcomed by the melodious tunes of Rajasthani folk music which will surely make fall in love with the culture of our Country.

The restaurant is very much friendly for any family function or some friends get together. If you want the authentic feeling of Rajasthani foods that to in Delhi you all just need to visit here.

Ghoomar Restaurant
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The serving of foods is so much amazing that you will be feeling royal. The foods are served in the royal old-style plates and other accessories which are used by the King’s and Rulers of Rajasthan. They don’t serve starters which is quite decent as if you eat too many starters you may probably not be able to enjoy the rest of 25 authentic Rajasthani foods.

We know among the 25 dishes you may be wondering which one to try at first and which one is the best here. One thing we want to say to you all that this food is way more justified for the price, we will be discussing the price at Ghoomar Restaurant Thali and Ghoomar Restaurant Menu.

From our point of view, we would highly recommend trying ‘Ghoomar Special Paneer, Paneer Jaipuri Rajwadi Paneer these three are must-try foods. After the deep dive into the taste of foods let’s dive into Besan ki Kadhi and Gatta ki sabzi. You can’t afford to miss Dal Rajwadi with your choice of Paratha or Roti

We know we are teasing you of not showing the full menu of Ghoomar Restaurant Thali but wait for a while let’s know about how Ghoomar Restaurant is established and what makes it so special.

The legacy of Ghoomar Restaurant

Ghoomar Traditional Thali Restaurant “Ghoomar” – The Traditional Vegetarian Thali Restaurant Although you would like to know something about us, I would like to introduce you to the traditional vegetarian Thali Restaurant “Ghoomar“, a flagship of S&P Hospitality. Pure vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine in the form of unlimited thali service.

Ghoomar traditional thali restaurant
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Ghoomar means or signifies traditional Rajasthani thali food. It is a unique experience of Rajasthani culture, cuisine, and hospitality. Live performances enrich you with the Rajasthani culture. It is the best option for family gatherings, occasions or to celebrate a festival. Ghoomar is a unique combination of traditional experiences with new opportunities in terms of hospitality and food.

Indian cuisine has helped us build a special relationship with all of our guests who will continue to enjoy more of the Buddha and famous hospitality. For us in Ghoomar, “Atithi Devo Bhavo” is not just a saying, but a way of life.

Best Restaurant for Rajasthani Foods

When it comes to Rajasthan, the food has an identity of its own alongside its diverse characteristics and agriculture! Rajasthan cuisine is mostly vegetarian and offers a fabulous variety of delicious dishes. Rajasthani uses ghee to cook most dishes and is known for its flavorful curries and delicious sweets.

The climate of Rajasthan plays a very vital role in the form of foods they make. The availability of spices and vegetables contribute much more to the Rajasthani Foods

Other famous dishes are Bajre Ki Roti (millet bread) and Lashun Ki Chutney (spicy noodle garlic), Mawa Kachori from jodhpur, Alwar ka mawa, Malpauas from Pushkar and Rassgollas from Bikaner, “Haniya” and “Shriya” from Mewar.

The concept of the state is the concept of Marwari Bhojnalaya or vegetarian restaurants that can be found in many parts of India today, serving Marwari vegetarian food. The historic princely state of Rajasthan gave a boost to royal delights. Vegetarian Rajasthani food.

Their meals prepared in pure ghee are famous for their delicious aroma. The tastiest curries in Rajasthan focus on using legumes or chickpea flour. Dried fruits, spices, and yogurt are used in many foods and dishes. Rajasthan also offers a wide variety of flavors and sun-dried snacks. Whether Dal Baati and Churma or Missi Roti, you are constantly licking your fingers. Your stomach will scream “No more! but you will not stop !!!

Menu Of Ghoomar Restaurant
Menu Of Ghoomar Restaurant

Menu Of Ghoomar Restaurant

Veg Rajasthani Thali Include :

1. Kairi Panna Welcome Drink

2. Masala chaas Welcome Drink

3. Jodhpuri Mirch Vada

4. Dahi Mongra Chaat

5. Jalawadi Handi Paneer

6. Meethi Matar Malai

7. Aloo Tamatar Rasa

8. Jodhpuri Besan Gatta

9. Rajasthani Masala Kadhi

10. Dal Baati Churma

11. Gulab Ka Churma

12. Motor Bajra Khichra

13. Gond Pak Halwa

14. Masala Peanut Chaat

15. Mix Veg Saled

16. Desi Ghee Wali Plain Roti

17. Desi Ghee Wali Makke Ki Roti

18. Ajwain Wali Puri 19. Bajre Ki Roti



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