“Edible Beauty”: Why it is so much popular in the world?

Edible beauty

Edible beauty : In the near future, Chinese consumers browsing the shelves of the physical and digital marketers can expect to find dairy products with common dermal fillers, liquor, cocoa products, candy, and frozen products.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance that occurs naturally in the skin, eyes, and connective tissues and is widely used in cosmetic procedures, such as plumping the lips or smoothing wrinkles.

However, in recent months, at the intersection of food and beauty, HA has been on the rise as part of the edible beauty trend in China. Chinese food brand DTC Wonderlab is known for its innovative protein shakes, and the company showcased peach-flavored HA gum in February.

Edible beauty impact on china

Wuhan Hankow beverage brand Er Chang launched HA flavored soft drinks in mid-March. Chen Li, deputy director of Mintel Food & Drink, said the booming development of HA food has a lot to do with recent government policy updates. She said: “In early 2021, the Chinese National Health Commission approved hyaluronic acid as an ingredient in food and beverages.”

“Previously, it was only approved for dietary supplements in 2008.” In the United States, HA has been approved as a dermal filler by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but like all complementary products, HA complementary products can be marketed without review. The new HA rules may help China catch up with countries like Japan, as the global HA market expands.

Edible Beauty

According to Frost & Sullivan (Frost & Sullivan), China is currently the largest producer of HA in the world. According to a market research company, the global market for high availability products is about US $ 350 million in 2019 and may reach US $ 480 million in 2024. At the same time, China-based Essence Securities recently predicted that in the medium and long term, the market size for high availability products could reach 15.4 billion yuan (2.4 billion US dollars).

Although highly available foods are few and far between in the United States, similarities can be seen between the rise of Chinese senior foods and the recent rise in collagen foods in the United States.

Collagen-rich broths, protein bars, and other foods fill the aisle for high-gluten snacks. High-end supermarket. The upward trend has been ongoing for many years and there are no signs of slowing down. According to Data Bridge Market Research, the North American collagen market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% from 2020 to 2027, reaching approximately US $ 2 billion in six years.

Li said HA is a familiar ingredient to Chinese consumers and can help you develop in the field of edible beauty. According to a 2020 Mintel survey (with approximately 2,500 online participants), HA products should appeal to 35% of Chinese consumers who realize that HA is an edible beauty supplement.

Edible Beauty
Edible Beauty

She said: “As part of functional foods, edible beauty is developing rapidly and has great potential.” Carol Zhou, director of the Shiseido China Business Innovation and Investment Office, attributed the rise of HA foods to In terms of ingredients, the line between Chinese beauty supplements, snacks and professional body care products skin fade. He noted that the growing popularity of “cosmetics and foods from the same source” also helps promote this trend.

The popular saying comes from traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine defends that food and medicine must have the same source. At the same time, the West also has an “inner beauty” trend. China’s edible beauty trend offers a market window for large beauty companies.

The beauty food business is ready. Shiseido has had a large-scale beauty food business in Japan for decades, and it has started to enter China by selling its products through cross-border e-commerce, while aiming to expand its services in the market. Chinese consumers can currently purchase Shiseido brand drinks and tablets from Alibaba’s Tmall Global, including collagen and pure white (whitening products containing goji berry and vitamin C).

Edible Beauty

And the edible beauty of China. In January, Bloomage, the biotech company behind many of the aforementioned new product launches, revealed the HA-focused food brand Hyalur. Chinese dairy giant Junyao told local newspaper The Paper that it will launch highly available foods for the first time in July.

Although food and beauty companies are clearly entering the hot market, the success of the HA food category will depend on the benefits consumers should have when purchasing the product: moisturizing and plumping effects on the skin. In Wonderlab’s Taobao store, many consumers have posted information on how to open their wallets to buy products because of the novelty, but there are still contradictions.

Edible Beauty

A consumer bought three boxes of this brand of gum, each priced at around US $ 110, and wrote in the comment section: “I want to try it because it is a new product. I like this flavor, but I am looking forward with the results “. Another customer who bought six boxes wrote: “I think (beauty) is highly dependent on fitness and sleep, and its effectiveness has yet to be tested.”

Shiseido’s Zhou said: “It depends on the true efficacy of the ingredients. The jury has yet to determine the sustainability of [HA] in the food category.” Beauty to eat: although there is no real substitute for a new generation of supplements for replace a balanced diet and control these stress levels, targeted supplements can promote skin, hair is even healthy in general. In recent years, people’s interest in supplements focused on beauty or edible beauty has increased, and the global value of this market is expected to reach $ 3.7 billion by 2005.

In 2022. At the Arnotts department store house, I noticed that after the introduction of supplement brands in their Beauty Hub last year, sales increased by 740%. A new generation of supplements with unique packaging and complex formulas designed to reduce inflammation (the key is to reduce inflammation) and skin aging factors) encourage …

Edible Beauty

Oral moisturizer sounds ridiculous to the layman, but ask anyone Beauty fanatic, they will tell you that oral moisturizer, also called the ceramo look, can do wonders on your body. “They are an important source of ceramides in the body.

Ceramides or polar lipids are responsible for keeping skin intact hydrated. In fact, these are the obstacles that prevent moisture from evaporating through the skin. Similarly, as our urban lifestyles, age, eating habits and pollution levels increase, important ceramides are also consumed in the human body.

These essential ceramides can be supplemented with natural phytoceramides or ceramosides made from wheat germ oil, “Raorane said. They are sold in powder, drink, or vegetarian hard gelatin capsule form (like Skinfay capsules). In daily use, in two weeks, they have shown excellent effects in hydration and firming of the skin. Since it can be consumed orally, this effect can be seen on the face, body, and hair.

Edible Beauty

Raorane added. Taking oral moisturizers can supplement the loss of ceramide (your skin will be lost due to age, lifestyle, pollution, and extreme temperatures). Chewable cosmetics, do you know that nutritional supplements act as nutritional supplements Products and ingredients that can take care of the beauty of the skin, nails and hair in a natural and natural way? Following this global trend, Mumbai-based SkinLab’s Dr. Jamuna Pai recently launched Paired Nutricosmetics, which are three health supplements. Dr. Pai said,

“After nearly 30 years in the beauty and health care field, we look forward to introducing a product that truly becomes a healthy partner for you.” Radiation-enhanced tablets can enhance immunity. and bring you a radiant light. Glutathione is one of the key ingredients. Glutathione is a very effective antioxidant. It is known to reverse the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of collagen loss and increased melanin synthesis. Tablets stored during adolescence can hydrate the skin and delay the signs of aging.

“Contains oral sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), which can increase the flexibility, shine and hydration of the skin. Resveratrol and L-arginine are two amazing anti-aging ingredients that can promote synthetic collagen, increase elasticity of the skin and reduce the resistance of wrinkles. Other ingredients include astaxanthin and lutein, which can also be used as powerful antioxidants and have UV protection properties, “explained Dr. Pai. Composite HCA tablets can promote metabolism and burn fat.

Edible Beauty

Beauty snack and beverage markets are flooded with beauty snacks. Due to the increasing pressure on appearance, beauty products are expected to provide convenience, comfort, and effective benefits. The leader is Korean beauty brands. Korikart, an online store that sells a variety of Korean products in India, said that KC Kim seaweed is its best-selling beauty snack. Algae are algae that grow at the bottom of the sea, rich in minerals and vitamins. People can use it to provide different flavors and get beautiful skin.

In terms of beverages, Nutrova’s Collagen Drink is very popular because it can increase skin firmness, elasticity, and moisture while reducing the width of wrinkles, rough skin, pores, dark circles, and pigmentation. Radiant skin. Nallan said: “The supplement capsule formula can solve various skin problems such as blemishes, pigmentation, various bacterial skin infections and acne.”

Edible Beauty

Ingredients like mustard help prevent tyrosinase activity, thereby enhancing its shine. The routine immediately supports the normal absorption and function of vitamin C, which is one of the key vitamins for maintaining a healthy state of collagen. Obviously, the edible beauty trend is not just about supplements, but about making people look and feel good. Resplendent glow – This has always been the mantra of influencers and beauty experts. And the mystery during t



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