10 Best Momo Places in Kolkata | Best Momo In Kolkata 2021

Best Momo In Kolkata

Best Momo In Kolkata:Gyozas and har gows, siu mai, and dimsums-dumplings have many names, some of them are beautiful too, but none are better than the old style. Kolkata loves Momos, he may have come to the city from the hills of Darjeeling and Kallenberg.

Over time, humble dumplings have quietly risen up the ranks of the city’s street food royalties, and now have a place alongside phuchka, kathi rolls, and other simple foods. Depending on the end result, you can find Mon Moss that ranges from classic to eccentric, cruel to excellence.

Here is the best Momo in Kolkata: If there’s anything that can make the famous Kathi roll and phuchka in Kolkata worse, it’s our favorite Tibetan momos. Depending on your position in the city, you can find Monmouth that ranges from classic to eccentric, fiery, and subtle. If your boy can handle mom, where should you go?

List of Best Momo In Kolkata in 2021 (Updated)

1. Blue Poppy, Sikkim House, Middleton Street,

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Kalimpong girl Doma Wang is usually called Queen Momo of Calcutta, which is correct. His restaurant, The Blue Poppy, started out in a simple canteen in Sikkim’s home 15 years ago. Momos de Doma Wang is a cult.

He said that the secret of a good mother is thin, moist skin, and the ratio of chopped onion to chopped green onion in the filling is appropriate.

Your choice is perfect – their hot sauce with red pepper and garlic chutney is crisp and delicious. Wang’s signature recipe also appeared on the menu for The Blue Poppy – Thakali, which is a set of Nepalese specialties, and this is his last feast in town.

Best Momo In Kolkata

In addition to the regular pork and chicken mousse, there is also the completely relaxing aloo cheese mousse (filled with spicy aloo dum and cheese), which is a much-needed break from the vegetarian mousse filled with cabbage and onion.

Rs110 Blue Poppy Momos plump, tender and juicy Momos is full of flavor and succulent delicacy.

Wang Dema (founder) is often nicknamed Queen Momo of Calcutta, which is correct. Blue Poppy’s momos are something to admire. You will love the perfect combination of these round pillows, with red pepper and garlic chutney, delicate and tasty. Not a carnivore? Here’s the completely relaxing aloo cheese momo, which is a much-needed advance to the regular cabbage and onion filling that comes with the veggie momo.

2 Wow, Momo, Elgin, Calcutta,

Rating: 4 out of 5.

wow! Momo has always been committed to innovative Momos, but there is a part of “smart” that always makes people feel like the franchise lacks authentic Momos.

Best Momo In Kolkata

To answer and solve this demand, they launched Darjeeling Momo. These are served with seasoned vegetables / juicy chicken and served with hot compresses with spicy red sauce.

The real price of the product is the real price: 99 INR for the vegetables, 109 INR for a plate of chicken momo

3. Momo I AM in Salt Lake City,

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Darjeeling Reevu Wangdi and family and friends of Prabhakar Yonzone opened Momo I Am South A small space in the “Lake Garden” area of ​​Kolkata. Today, they have four outlets, including a sleek 70-seater and a large fan base. All of its owners have worked in some of the best restaurants in Sydney, which really helps, but its success depends mainly on the abundance of food.

The exquisite menu, impressive Tibetan and Southeast Asian dishes provide a short and crunchy portion for this restaurant.

Best Momo In Kolkata

Momo has some classics, like juicy steamed chicken or pork momos, and fried momos or homemade sauces. Then there are some unusual numbers, like “Hangover Spicy Momos” (Hangover Spicy Momos), topped with a ball of mayonnaise infused with chili oil on a bed of mashed potatoes, and filled with cheese, chicken, and mushrooms.

Dough. The special recommendation here is the refreshing jhol momo soup, which is imported from Nepal – momo is eaten in a delicious soup filled with vegetables. Momos come from Rs110

4. Denzong Kitchen

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Saurav Chhetri moved from his hometown of Kalimpong to Kolkata in 2004 to work at BPO. While away from home, Chhetri missed her daily food so much, and the countless Momo stalls around the city did not reduce her at all. Five years later, Chhetri continued to build Denzong Kitchen in a small space in the Bikramgarh area in southern Kolkata. In addition to momos, Denzong Kitchen now offers other Kallenborg fares such as thukpa, phaley and gyathuk at other prices affordable for students and young professionals like him. Rs50,

Best Momo In Kolkata

5 Momos, Shim Shim, Bright Street,

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

There’s another one at Doma Wang’s stable. A few months ago, Wang opened Shim Shim, a no-frills cafe on Bright Street, where the focus is on the favorites of Tibetans and Nepalese. However, the Himalayan Café initially provided the meat staple on the mountain, and soon became the country’s first “meat café”. Beef appears repeatedly on their menu, and the popular dish here is hot beef moss sauce; it’s easy to get some of the best in town. Momos from 100 rupees

Best Momo In Kolkata

6. Debetan Delight on Chowringhee Road in Elgin State

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tucked away in a narrow alley off Elgin Road, Tibetan cuisine has a fairly loyal customer who keeps coming back to serve momos and thukpa. It is unceremoniously combined with red-topped tables, plastic chairs, huge landscape posters on the walls, and red Chinese lanterns. They also offer a variety of Chinese dishes, but the biggest draw is Momos, which has a smooth, shiny crust and delicious seasonings. Choose from steamed, fried or fried cheese with chicken, pork or vegetable filling. The only innovation is sprinkling the momos shape in Schezwan’s fiery sauce. Momos from Rs70,

Best Momo In Kolkata

7. Momo Gully,Suburban Hospital Road

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The old star in the Momo urban scene on Suburban Hospital Road, three Momo joints (Hamro Momo, Momo Plaza, and Orchid) are adjacent to each other on Suburban Hospital Road, usually called the momo ditch of Kolkata.

These unassuming joints serve up Tibetan staples like tupa and some Chinese favorites. Until a few years ago, this was the place where everyone (from students to families) went to eat. These wall-mounted restaurants may no longer have the monopoly, but it’s still worth a visit, because it’s accompanied by very hot spicy mousse and broth, and there’s a bit of nostalgia. Mos from Rs75

8. Hamro Momo

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Hamro Momo has delicious Tibetan delicacies. It is a paradise for all meat lovers, especially pork lovers. Their Momos are succulent and juicy, with their own internal soup, which is a holy blessing. If you are a lover of soups, this place also has a variety of soups.

Best Momo In Kolkata

9 Momo Plaza (Momo Plaza)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Elkin Momo Plaza is full of Chinese street style and has been a hot spot for college crowds for many years. Their fried goose EZ sauce is probably the best in town, and the sauce they serve is delicious. This place has a normal atmosphere and the price is very affordable. Come with your team and have a nice and fun night. A feast of deep frying, frying, steaming, and deep-frying with chicken, pork, and vegetarian dishes. We love their chicken and pork kotheys – delicious, fiery, and easy on the go.

Best Momo In Kolkata

10. Mamamomo

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mamamomo is a cozy little place, the open kitchen is dominant so you can see that your momos are made from scratch. The mother of the same name behind the recipe is Pemba Doma Kidwai from Darjeeling, who is using her grandmother’s recipe to make authentic Tibetan and Nepalese food. You’ll get chicken, pork, and vegetable flavors, these ingredients include steamed, fried, and “chili sauce.”

Best Momo In Kolkata
Best Momo In Kolkata

Momos is the perfect bite-sized product, the best product we have in this city. It goes perfectly with thin pancakes filled with juicy fillings. They will also make a guilty tender pork momo (ask for the kothay or the fried variant). Another great advantage is that, unlike most joints, their plates have 8 Momos. And the price is super affordable!

These were the best places to have Momo in Kolkata in 2021. We would love to hear the places if you know which can make in the list of best momo in Kolkata then don’t forget to comment down below in the comment box.

can we fry momo in electric deep fryer ?

Yes you can deep fry in electric deep fryer , but be careful about it not getting overcooked.

1 full plate momos cost of how many rupees

that depends from place to place but generally in kolkata 1 plate of momo is around 30-40 rs

momos kon se desh ki dish h

It’s mostly from nepal but the actual origin of the dish is still a mystery

Half plate of momos means

It means the quantity of 1 plate say has 6-7 pcs. then it half plates means 3-4pcs. of momos


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