Anand Mahindra bought a house for the ‘Idli Amma’ who sold Idli for just one rupee.

idli amma

Anand Mahindra shared some good news on Twitter: he for ‘Idli Amma’ bought a new work area and house, and the latter sold Idlis for one rupee.

The help of social networks to people has been proven time and again. In 2020, we saw the emergence of the internet to provide assistance to elderly couples who run “Baba Ka Dhaba” because they could barely maintain their food business during the pandemic.

Since then, many similar stories have appeared on social media, such as that of the elderly Kanji Bada salesman from Agra. Thanks to industrialist Anand Mahindra, another story like this has recently resurfaced. Kamalathal, or “Idli Amma”, is an 80-year-old lady from Coimbatore, she made idlis by hand and sold it at the unit price of Ra. one.

Take a look: The video for “Idli Amma” was originally shared on Twitter by industrialist Anand Mahindra, caused a sensation in the video, and received more than 600,000 views.

He praised this enterprising woman for her tireless efforts to serve those in need at an affordable price. Mr. Mahindra also offered to buy her a stove that used LPG fuel because he observed that she was using a traditional wood-burning device.

Bharat Gas Coimbatore (Bharat Gas Coimbatore) then stepped forward and published a list of natural gas contacts in their name. She shared a tweet about how she played a “small role” in the inspiring story of Idli Amma, fixing up a home and workspace for herself.

Take a look: Also, you wrote that registering a piece of land in your name achieved the first milestone in your aid. He thanked the Thondamuthur registration office for their help with the quick registration. Anand Mahindra stated that according to Idli Amma’s request, the Mahindra Lifespaces team will start construction as soon as possible. Take a look at these tweets: Anand Mahindra’s incredible generosity has earned praise on Twitter.

Take a look at what Twitter users are saying about this gesture: Business mogul Anand Mahindra promised to invest in a woman’s idli store in Tamil Nadu, who sold it for just Re 1 even during the shutdown. South India. K Kamalathal, known as Idli Amma”, became popular on social media and became a household name after it was later discovered that she had been selling idlis on Re 1 for over thirty years. K Kamalathal, 80, hails from the village of Vadivlampalayam, near Peru, and sells totora and idlis chutney for just 1 rupee.

Their goal of not raising prices is to make daily wage workers affordable for meals without spending a lot of money. In this way, they can also save more money for their families. Anand Mahindra’s work has left a deep impression on him and he wants to invest in his business.

He once said that he would buy her an LPG burner when she used a wood burner to make an Adris fireplace.

“Very few people play a role in someone’s inspiring story, and I want to thank Kamalatha (Kamalathal) (known as Idli Amma)” for allowing us to play it. Play a role in the story. Mahindra said on Twitter that he soon has his own home and workplace from where he can cook and sell idli.



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