Absolute barbecue (AB’s) Review – UNLIMITED FOOD! At only Rs 699

unlimited food In absolute barbeque.

Absolute barbecue Review: Absolute Barbecue is the biggest Biggest buffet restaurant in India. With over more than 40+ outlets both including India and Dubai, absolute barbecue is undoubtedly the best barbeque buffet restaurant in India. With its quality of food and especially the variety of food Absolute barbecue becomes the most loved restaurant of India. Later in the post, we will be discussing everything about Absolute Barbecue starting from the Absolute Barbecue menu to its price, and off course, we will be telling you whether it’s worth going to have unlimited food In absolute barbeque.

All about Absolute Barbecue

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Absolute Barbecue as the name suggests is a barbecue buffet restaurant in India with almost 40+ outlets all over the world, serves the best barbecue foods to their customers. Barbecue nation being the sole competitor of Absolute barbecue doesn’t able to match the quality of their taste and servings. Absolute Barbecue is famous for its quality of foods and obviously the unlimited section of foods. Though the restaurants provide all their customers Unlimited foods for a specific price still they make a profit out of it. The price here is fully justified to their quality and slightly cheaper than their competitor which makes them sustain in the market.

Why Absolute Barbecue is the best Buffet restaurant in India?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We will say full credits goes to the chefs of the Absolute barbecue for their delicious foods they cook , people are so much obsessed with the flavor of the foods their that they cross their limit of thier appetite as the food is toatlly unlimited. Not only the credits goes to the chefs but also to the management facilities their they are so much friendly their that one will feel to visit again seeing their hospitality behaviour.

Absolute Barbecue

How Much is the cost of buffet in Absolute Barbecue ?

It depends on which time you are going prices are different for dinners than for lunch like Friday to Sunday Lunch Buffet (Veg – Rs 679, Non-Veg – Rs 799) and Friday to Sunday Dinner Buffet (Veg – Rs 749, Non-Veg – Rs 799) and in week days it is generally less than the weekends.

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Menu At Absolute barbecue

Menu Differs here from places to places like What you will get in Absolute barbecue in Kolkata will not be same for Hyderabad, but yes the basics will be almost same in all the centers of it. They also include some exciting foods for different places in India according to their local famous foods.

Menu At Absolute barbecue
Source: Absolute Barbecue

Why Absolute Barbecue is the best?

With over 150 + varieties of foods that too unlimited is absolutely heaven for any food lover in India .Not only the quantity but also the quality of food is so so amazing that you will love to visit again after your first visit here. One thing we want to say that though the food is unlimited here at a fixed price , we recommend you not to waste the foods here as the wasting of foods is not a good habit , and there is no alternative here if you take extra food you just have to throw or either leave.

Barbecue Nation Vs Absolute barbecue?

This is a big choice of question some love the food of barbeque nation while some love the food of absolute barbecue but seriously speaking they both are best buffets in India, BBQ nation is slightly costly than the absolute BBQ and the no.of cuisine served is also less as compared.


It’s a yes From our side if you want to visit the best buffet restaurants in India then consider visiting here though we know that there are a lot of options for the buffet restaurants but we feel that this restaurant really dominates any day over the other. If you want to about the best 5 buffets in Kolkata under 500 then read our blog on our website



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