This is the Most Expensive Biryani in the World !

Most expensive biryani

Are you a biryani lover ? If yes then you will be surprised seeing the most expensive Biryani in the world. Don’t forget to tell us how much have you paid highest for a biryani.

We Indian loves to eat biryani and the most loved biryanis are hyderabadi biryani , lucknowi biryani, Kolkata Biryani especially. But how much can you pay for that let say 2k maximum , but you will later get to know in our post below that this price is just a pinch of salt in comparison to the most expensive biryani in the world.

World’s Most Expensive Biryani Is Here !

We all know that Dubai is always known for its lavish and expensive things, so why can’t we expect this biryani from there .Yes the most expensive Biryani is from Dubai and cost Dh 1000 ! which is roughly around Rs 19,900 only –

Place Where We will get this Biryani

The Royal Gold Biryani Is only Available in Bombay Borough Dubai located in Dubai International Financial Centre.

Bombay Borough Dubai
Bombay Borough Dubai

A lavish restaurant with so much royal Interiors you all will fall in love as soon as you get entrance in this restaurant. Not only this resturant serves birynai but also all kind of cuisines is served here most famous and tasty is our Indian Cusines served on a banana leaf.

Why this Cost So Much ?

This three kg Royal Gold Biryani which takes forty five mins to be plated is available in a massive golden metal plate and is served with 3 versions of rice which include Chicken Biryani Rice, Keema Rice, and White and Saffron rice, crowned with toddler potatoes and boiled The healthful meal additionally consists of 3 types of chook grills-Malai chook, Rajputana Murgh Sula, and Chicken Meatballs.

Most Expensive Biryani in the World
Most Expensive Biryani in the World

The platter additionally consists of Lamb Chops and Lamb Seekh Kebab, garnished with mint, roasted cashew, pomegranate, and fried onion.

The big platter is served with 3 facet dishes that consist of Nihari Salan, Jodhpuri Salan, Badami sauce crowned with almond and Pomegranate Raita.

The complete plate is garnished with a beneficent quantity of 23-carat suitable for eating gold leaves, which makes it a royal platter really well worth a try.

Is the Price Justified ?

Well if you are hardcore biryani lover then i would say yes you should try once while visiting in dubai,Definately the cost is too much high as compared to other regular birynai.

This always will remain a one time eating experience whenever one biryani lover visit some day to Dubai or living in Dubai.

Most expensive Biryani price ?

The most expensive Biryani is in Dubai Which Cost around 1000 Dhiram roughly around Rs 19k in India.

Is Gold Used in Biryani ?

Yes in Dubai’s Biryani the Biryani is gold platted which gives it a different taste to it.



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