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Mahashivratri 2021: Mahashivratri Is One of the greatest festivals Of The Hindus in the country and this year Mahashivratri is on March 11, 2021, Thursday. Mahashivratri Being The most significant festival is not only celebrated in India but also all the Hindus Living all Around The World.

It is well known in honor of Lord Shiva. Mahashivratri actually interprets the ‘Great night of Shiva’. Mahashivratri falls withinside the Hindu month of Phagun.

While prayers and vigils pass on during the night time of Maha Shivaratri, what additionally makes the pageant unique is its feature fasting or the Maha Shivaratri Vrat. People look at the Mahashivratri Vrat to mark their devotion for his or her loved deity. Mahashivratri vrat is optional, pregnant women, children, unwell human beings, and the aged are recommended now no longer keep the fasts.

MahaShivratri 2021
MahaShivratri 2021

There are several vrats but the toughest one is “Nirjala Vrat” Where one individual has to do fasting and they cannot even take a sip of water along with any food grains. Hence Not everyone can do this tough fasting so the majority of people used to take fruits and other non-grains item which is allowed in this type of fasting.

4 foods You can have in Mahashivratri Vrat –Mahashivratri Food

Here we present the list of seven foods that you can eat during your mahashivratri Vrat Except On Nirjala Vrat.

1.From Potatoes: Aloo Kadhi, Aloo Tikki, Aloo Khichdi etc.

Potatoes play a significant role in any Indian food. You can use potatoes in any food and it will perfectly complement itself with the beauty of that dish. potatoes generally are complimented with onions and garlic to enhance their taste, but For Shivratri foods use cannot use any of those but turmeric can be used.

Aloo kadhi: This is one of the famous dishes of all the Indians during vrat.Aloo Kadhi is a smooth curry made up of aloo and curd one must include Pakodi in that which enhances the taste of the whole dish.

Aloo kadhi
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Aloo Khichdi: Khichdi is always loved by the Indian people. During the Vrats it is made by Most of the families even sabudana Khichdi is also popular with the involvement of Sedna namak in it.

Aloo ka halwa: If You want to make a sweet dish from potato then aloo ka halwa is a must-eat for you. It’s one of the tastiest food you can eat during the Shivratri Vrat .

What to Eat During Maha Shivaratri Fast Or Vrat ?

5 Foods You Can Eat During Shivratri Vrat
Aloo kadhi, Aloo Ka halwa, Aloo khichdi.
Sabudana Khichdi , Sabudana Pakora ,Sabudana Pakora.
Thandai,Badaam Dudh,Makhane ki kheer.
Shinghada,Pakoda,Rawa Banana vada
Dry Fruits: Cashew Nuts, Resins

Is Non-Veg allowed For Shivratri fast ?

No! Not At All . Any Vrat either shivratri or any fast does not allow non veg foods at all.

2.Non-Grain Foods(Non-Cereals)

Non-Cereal Dishes or Non-Grain Foods are generally eaten by Indians during the vrats. The most Popular Non-Cereals Food is Sabudana. Buckwheat and ragi are also eaten during the Vrats. Sabudna Ki Khichdi, Sabudana ki Pakori, Sabudana Ki Vada,kuttu Ke Singhara are the most popular food from sabudana

Sabudna Ki Khichdi
Sabudna Ki Khichdi

During Shivratri, these are the most common foods eaten by the devotees of shiva. This Non-Cereals food gave the devotees power to devote their day under the blessing of Lord Shiva.

Fruits are also most popular on this day , Dry fruits can be eaten during this special day.

Can we eat Sabudana during Shivratri Fast?

Yes Obviously ! There are lots of dishes available of sabudana.

Can i drink Alcohol on Shivratri ?

No Not at all ! Alcohol is strictly Prohibited during shivratri Even Non-veg foods is also not Allowed at all.

Is Shivratri Birthday of Lord Shiva ?

No! Shivratri is celebration of The marriage between Shiva & Parvati

3.Milk Based Foods to eat During Shivratri

It is believed that Lord Shiva Loves Milk.Devotees Of Lord Shiva Offer Milk to Shiva Lingam

Consumption of Milk is widely done during all the vrats of India Especially on Mahashivratri. There are a lot of options available made of Milk. Sabudana ki kheer, Thandai, Badam ki doodh, makhana ki kheer is most popular and loved by all the people of India.

Milk Food To eat During Shivratri ?

A Lot of Option is available for milk foods some are –
2.Badam Ki Doodh
3.Makhane Ki Kheer
4.Sabudana ki Kheer
5.Badam Kheer

What foods are not allowed in Shivratri?

Here are the list of Foods You are not allowed to eat in Shivratri

Some new recipes For Mahashivratri

Here we have some new recipes you can try this shivratri 2021
1.Kand Aloo Pakora
2.Farali Pattice
3.Farali Dosa
4.Potato Wafers
5.Farali Idli Sambar

4.Fruits & Dry Fruits

Fruits and Dry Fruits are the must have foods for all the devotees during the Vrats.But For Nirjala Vrat Fruits are not allowed as Fruits Contain Water in It So the one can opt For Dry Fruits which give power to all the devotees.

Dry Fruits
Dry Fruits

If you are thinking about what can you make interesting from fruits ,I must tell you can make Milkshakes and fruit salads and fruit chaats.

Also In Dry Fruits there are lots of options Almonds ,Walnuts ,Apricots and much more options are availables.

Drinks For Mahashivratri

1.Sweet Punjabi Lassi
3.Kesar Srikhand
4.Elaichi Srikhand

Khichdi Recipes For Shivratri

1.Sabudana Khichdi
2.Buckwheat Khichdi
3.Farali Kutto Khichdi

Significance of Mahashivratri

Mahashivratri, “The Great Night of Shiva” is the maximum enormous occasion in India’s nonsecular calendar. Sadhguru explains what makes this night time so important, and the way we are able to employ it.

In the Indian culture, at one time, there were 365 galas in a year. In different words, they simply wished an excuse to have a good time each day of the year.


These 365 gala’s had been ascribed to specific reasons, and for specific functions of existence. They had been to have a good time numerous historic events, victories, or positive conditions in existence like sowing, planting, and harvesting. For each situation, there has been a competition. But Mahashivratri is of a specific significance.

Why Mahashivratri Is Celebrated

The fourteenth day of each lunar month or the day earlier than the brand new moon is referred to as Shivratri. Among all of the twelve Shivratris that arise in a calendar year, Mahashivratri, the only one that takes place in February-March is of the maximum nonsecular significance.

On this night time, the northern hemisphere of the planet is placed in the sort of manner that there’s a herbal upsurge of electricity in a human being.

This is an afternoon while nature is pushing one in the direction of one’s nonsecular peak. It is to utilize this, that during this tradition, we installed a positive competition that is nightlong.


To permit this herbal upsurge of energies to discover their manner, one of the basics of this nightlong competition is to make sure which you continue to be wakeful together along with your backbone vertical in the course of the night time.



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