For The First Time, This Bengali Sweet Will Be exported to the world

joynagare moa

West Bengal is always famous for its sweets mostly known as Bengali sweet. Same as their sweets people of Bengal are the same sweeter. Bengali sweets are not only eaten in India but also exported to many parts of the world like America, Russia, Nepal, etc.

One Name which comes majorly in mind for Bengali sweet is The World Famous Rosogulla. But Now in that list, another famous sweet has made into the list which will be exported to the whole world for its high demand is Joynagarer Moa.

Joynagarer Moa Is very popular in the regions of West Bengal. some Sweets in Bengal are not available at any time. They have a specific season in which they are made, basically, because the ingredients used are only available and widely eaten in that season only.

What is Joynagarer Moa? (Bengali Sweet)

Jayanagar Moa is made with Nolen Gur (jaggery crafted from date palm tree extract with amazing flavor and aroma), Kanakchur Khoi (a shape of popped rice crafted from a unique type of fragrant rice),

Gawa ghee (a kind of clarified butter crafted from cow’s milk), elach (cardamom), and posto (poppy seed). Both Nolen Gur and Kanakchur rice are wintry weather products (to be had around November to January) and for this reason, Jaynagarer Moa is to be had for the duration of this era

Joynagarer moa -Bengali Sweet
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The normal Moa is a small crispy ball product of puffed rice (“Muri” alternatively than It is produced in houses all over Bengal and is likewise normally to be had in grocery stores in small plastic packets, at some stage in the year).

History Of Joynagarer Moa

The records of moa may be traced returned to 1904 and it has constantly been named after with Joynagar despite the fact that many different adjacent settlements additionally focus on it.

Now Till date, Moa(The original) has been made and run by the Joynagar moa Nirmankari Society. This society has got approval by the Ministry of Commerce to make Moa in the way back in 2015 and the fact is that out of 46 companies 26 companies are registered under the government. Remaining all the companies are yet to get approval but we think it will take not much time from now.

Availability Of Joynagarer Moa

If you live in West Bengal it’s very easy to get moa in any local sweet shop, but the fact is that not every Moa is Joynagarer Moa. Due to its high demand, many local shops have started making their own moa which tastes almost like the same but that’s not original.

It’s better to visit the place from where it all has been started to get the authentic taste but if you want it to get directly delivered into your home there are many online websites that sell Moa for around RS 250 for 2 packets(250gms each), But we can’t assure the authenticity of that.

Joynagarer Moa Recipe

Joynagarer Moa Recipe
Joynagarer Moa Recipe

Joynagarer Moa Recipe

Serving Size:
10-15 hrs


  • Kanakchur Khoi or Aromatic paddy – 250 gm
  • Khoya Kheer – one hundred gm
  • Khoya kheer – Dry for dusting
  • Ghee – as in keeping with the need
  • Raisins – one in keeping with the piece
  • Cardamom Powder- 1 tsp
  • Sugar – 2 Cup (or relying on sweetness needed)


  1. Add 2 cups of sugar and a couple of cups of water in a pan.
  2. Boil it on a excessive flame for approximately five mins.
  3. When the sugar dissolves in water, maintain stirring and boiling it on low flame.
  4. After 6 to eight mins the [i]chasni[/i] can be ready. Hold this thick combination among your fingers. If a unmarried string is shaped as you separate your fingers, the sugar syrup is ready.
  5. Let it cool for five mins.
  6. In the genuine Joynagrer Moa recipe, the jaggery [i](nolen gur)[/i] is jumbled together identical amount with sugar to shape this string.
  7. Now add [i]Kanakchur Khoi[/i] slowly withinside the sugar syrup and maintain stirring.
  8. After blending thoroughly, cowl it thoroughly with a fabric or a lid and maintain it for minimal 10 hours or overnight.

How to order Joynagarer Moa Online?

There are many websites that sell Joynagarer Moa online.
Here is the list For Top 3 websites

Joynagarer Moa shop near me

What is Kanachur khoi ?

Kanachur or kanakchur are the special aromatic rice cultivators from west bengal. And the aromatic rice cultivated by them is called kanakchur khoi which when added and mixed with nolen gur is used to make the famous joynagarer Moa.



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