Best Place To Have Irani keema Pav In Mumbai 2021

Irani keema Pav In Mumbai

Best Place To Have Irani keema Pav in Mumbai: Keema Irani Pav is the most Loved type of Pav Bhaji in Mumbai and this Kheema Pav Is not only famous in India but it’s world-famous.

There Are many versions of Irani Kheema pav Everyone has different tastes so it totally depends on the different communities of India.

Irani Kheema Pav Is itself a whole meal breakfast that is sufficient for a healthy adult. If You love the taste of meat (mostly mutton in some places Beef) then Kheema Irani Pav is a must-taste for you.

Best Place To Have Irani keema Pav In Mumbai
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We have managed to bring out the list of best keema pav available in Mumbai where you can get the taste of the city like Andhra, Maharashtra, Sindhi, and some flavors of Irani spices. Onions and Garlic play a very important role in the making of the kheema pav recipe.

4 Best Place To Have Irani keema Pav In Mumbai

Our list also contains the best Irani cafe in Mumbai So that you never miss out the best places to have kheema pav in 2021

1.Cafe Military, Fort

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Irani cafes are the iconic and historical culture of many cities in India including Mumbai becoming the most popular among all. Though the time is changing and every trend has its end but Irani cafes have upheld its trends for Hundreds of years.

So if you are looking for that old vibes of Irani cafes with some awesome delicious foods then Cafe Military at Fort, South Mumbai is always for you.

Cafe Military, Fort

Not only this restaurant serves the best kheema pav in Mumbai but they have all the best Irani foods like kheema ghotala, caramel custard, masoor ma ghost, and all the traditional foods are available here.

Salient Features

  • This is one of the few Irani cafes with a liquor license which means that you may revel in a dhansak the Parsi way, i.e., with a beer
  • The languorous experience of the region is an entire evaluation of the martial spirit of its name
  • If you’re fortunate you would possibly encounter the aged owner, Behram Irani, or you would possibly locate him drowsing on one of the nook benches

What Cuisines are available in Cafe Military, Fort?

Main Cuisines available at Cafe Military, Fort is Mughlai As it is Irani Cafe

What is the cost at Cafe Military, Fort?

At Cafe Military, Fort it only Rs 300 for two (Approx)

Is Cafe Military, Fort Pure Veg ?

No Not at all , Cafe Military, Fort Serves both Veg and Non-veg

Does Cafe Military, Fort Serves Buffet?

No Cafe Military, Fort Does not Serves Buffet

About Cafe Military, Fort

Café Military is one of these iconic Parsi restaurants, delighting human beings with their meals when you consider that 1933.

In Fort, Churchgate, Café Military has been a getaway area for office-goers, university students, and others for decades. They continually have an easy scrumptious meal crowned with their traditional custard to offer. Behram K. Khosravi (the owner) welcomes clients with an extensive grin.

2.SodaBottleOpenerWala, Multiple Outlets

Rating: 4 out of 5.

SodaBottleOpenerWala celebrates an idea specific to India; and can pay homage to the deadly legacy of the wonderful, chaotic, crowded, bustling, colorful, quirky, cluttered, eccentric, and actual international Bombay Irani café.

Designed to appear old-international, colonial, and humorous, this integral Bombay Irani Cafe & Bar dishes out Parsi fare and culinary gemstones well-known in gymkhanas and the streets of Come in thirsty, and the liquids from the Irani Chai Bar will depart you spoilt for choice, as does the Irani Bakery Menu; serving the whole lot freshly baked that morning and offered with the aid of using the food.

Who is the owner Of Soda bottle opener wala ?

AD Singh & his Wife Sabina

History Of Soda bottle opener wala

Rome, Venice, Paris, New York, and all different culturally conscious towns have constantly had a colorful Café culture; So does Bombay, with its personal Irani Café culture. In their complete glory, those Cafés had been the middle of Bombay’s illustrious consuming out culture, giving the town a wonderful identity…


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In a town that’s brief neither on stylish cocktail lounges nor on thirsty patrons, fast shrinking wallets may be pretty the bummer for party-goers! The owner Of BKC Dive is Pranay Goyal, BKC Dive – Bar and Eatery has currently set foot withinside the business hub of Mumbai offering pocket-pleasant food and beverages.

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The simplistic menu functions a huge variety of consolation meals like Khichdi (seven different types to be precise), Chole, actually dried chana, and more. Be certain to experience the neighborhood grub of tandoori or butter chook and Sofyani biryani. Relish their finger-licking blend of staples like stir fry bowls presenting paneer, chook, or shrimp, pro together along with your desire of sauce and a variety of breakfast trays.

The very own BIG DIVE Platters with Jain versions are an absolute dosage of bliss for foodies of the bay.

Menu of Dive Bkc,
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If You are looking for the taste of authenticate Irani kheema Pav or Misil pav which is just more than heaven for any non-vegetarians in the mumbai city then BKC dive is for you .

BKC Dive is One of the Pocket-Friendly Restaurants in Mumbai where you can enjoy your party or a Date in an interesting manner.

what Cuisines are served at BKC Dive ?

At BKC Dive The Main Cuisines Served are European,American,Chinese,Indian,Italian.

Is Buffet is available at BKC Dive?

No Buffets are not available at BKC

Is BKC Dive a Pure Veg Restaurant?

No It Serves Both The Veg and Non veg Dishes

At BKC Alcohol is available ?

Not at all BKC Dive doesn’t serves any alcohol drinks.

Positive Review From Customers

This informal eating bar with a comfortable atmosphere isn’t always most effective a hotspot for birthday birthday celebration revellers at night, however additionally for corporates, for the duration of lunch time. The interiors are spacious, the seating unfold out and the layout elements, rustic however chic.

The meals menu is numerous sufficient to wow each palate, however, it’s miles the bar menu that’s truly their mainstay. Expect Indian and worldwide consolation meals in each vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Source : Zomato

The ‘Crispy Vegetables‘, ‘Chicken Adraki Kabab‘ and ‘Mutton Bhuna Dry’, are an incredible manner to start. The ‘Butter Garlic Prawns Khichdi’ is innovative, however, the flavors are a tad insipid. The ‘Palak Khichdi’ instead, is extra appetizing. The ‘Chicken Stroganoff with herb ‘Rice’ is a superb choice for mains.

The curried lamb burger right here is extremely popular. The cocktails right here are cleverly crafted and served astutely via the way of means of the bartenders. Among desserts, the ‘Carrot Cake’ and ‘Belgian Chocolate Pastry’ will be better. The provider personnel is friendly, heat and attentive.

If you are looking for the Best Place To Have Irani kheema Pav In Mumbai then BKC Dive is a must visit for the best flavours of the irani keema pav.

4. Good Luck, Bandra

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This Makes to 4th no. in our list of Best Place To Have Irani keema Pav In Mumbai as Good Luck In Bandra Provides the best ambiance with such delicious foods to eat. If You live in Bhandra Mumbai then this is the best place to have a taste of Irani dishes. The most popular dishes to have here are as follows: Kheema Fry, Kheema Pao, Chicken Cutlets, Bun Maska Chai, Maska Pav, Haleem

Good Luck Restaurant Photos, Bandra
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This Place will cost You around Rs 1000 for 2 approx but believe me it’s one the best places in Mumbai to have good food and also one of the Best Place To Have Irani keema Pav In Mumbai.

In our list of Best Place To Have Irani keema Pav In Mumbai we have managed to bring out the places we personally know to have the best kheema pav in Mumbai. The list has not been presented in any ranking manner , we have just sorted it out randomly.

If you think if we have missed any places to have kheema pav in Mumbai then feel free to comment down & if we found it relevant we will be adding the places giving you the credit.

If You are thinking of making kheema pav at your home then please check out out our previous post on How to make kheema pav at Home so that you can enjoy the taste of Kheema pav in your home without going outside and waiting for your turn in any restaurants.



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