Must-Try This 7 Tasty Bengali food – Bengali Foods Is Best?


7 Best Bengali food You must try Now!

Bengali food: West Bengal isn’t simply about machh bhaat and the goodies. It has lots greater to it and is a haven for each vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodies.

Did you already know that Bengali Food is the most effective one withinside the Indian subcontinent that has a right multi-path structure, lots much like the fashion of current French delicacies?

Bengali food

Bengalis love their meals and prefer to have it served path-wise, in place of all at once, as is normally carried out in maximum different Indian nearby delicacies
There are lots to discover in West Bengal, with regards to meals.

From Mughlai ingredients to road ingredients and an intricate unfold of goodies and confectioneries, in addition to the delicacies of the flourishing Anglo-Indian network in Kolkata, Bengali Foods is culturally colorful and simply definitely delightful.

Presenting you All The list Of Best Bengali Food.

1. Luchi-Alur Dom

Luchi Alur dom is the favored Bengali mixture for a lazy Sunday brunch. The dish has Luchi this is much like puris and is eaten with alur dum or aloo dom, which could be a spicier and greater tangy model of the dum aloo.

To grasp a plate of a few delectable luchi-alur dom, head to Fairlie Road in Kolkata, which could be a famous hang-out of the fanatics of Bengali Street Foods withinside the city. The avenue has some stalls that promote the whole thing from rice and fish curry to kachoris (stuffed luchis).

Luchi-Alur Dom

Luchi (mentioned as in state) is a deep-fried flatbread fabricated from bleached wheat flour or maida this is normal in Bengali and Oriya cuisines.

It is nearly like Puri, however at the same time as Puri is normally brown, Luchi is usually white.

In order to make luchis, dough is ready by blending fine maida flour with water and a spoonful of ghee, that’s then divided into small balls.

These balls have flattened the use of a rolling-pin and for my part deep-fried in cooking oil or ghee. A normal luchi will degree 4-five inches in diameter.

Luchi-Alur Dom

Hot hyped up luchis are served with a myriad of dishes in line with one’s liking and additionally the time of the day. Luchi with Begun Bhaja(fried eggplant slices), Luchi with Aloo Bhaja(skinny strips of potato fried),

Luchi with Cholar Dal, Luchi with Payesh, and of path Luchi with Alur Dom are all time favorites. Luchi with Kosha Mangsho(a highly spiced mutton curry)and at instances even Luchi with Aloor Dom is a dinner preferred and served as a dinner menu on unique occasions.

2.Kemar Doi Bora

Lovers of non-vegetarian meals and Dahi bada will move gaga over this ideal marriage of minced meat and candy and highly spiced curd. 

This is one of the much less famous avenue ingredients of Bengal. It has a wealthy cultural reference to one of the maximum well-known Bengalis withinside the world- Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore and his own circle of relatives.

Kemar Doi Bora

The dish turned into a unique invention of the Thakurbari because the Tagore’s own circle of relatives is popularly known, and turned into brought to the sector via way of means of Purnima Thakur, 

whilst she came into the ownership of the Tagore own circle of relatives cookbook. To pattern this lovely dish, you could head to Bara Bazaar or Burrabazaar in Kolkata.

Kemar Doi Bora

It is not possible to overstate the effect of the Tagore’s own circle of relatives on the Bengali manner of life. Even after centuries, the Tagores outline each component of what it approach to be a Bengali—be it music, literature, art, philosophy, politics, or meals.

Rabindranath grew up in a family with deep information of historic Hindu in addition to Islamic traditions. He traveled all around the world, imbibing the first-class components of each tradition he encountered.

He cherished amassing menu playing cards and recipes from dinners and lunches on his travels.

He could convey them again to his wife, Mrinalini, and request that the recipes be integrated into the repertoire of the Tagore kitchen.

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According to accounts, a number of his experiments with meals had been downright whimsical (pureed-garlic fritters, anyone?)


Shukto is a true Bengali dish, generally served because of the first route of a meal. It is a healthy, healthy dish organized with gentle brinjals, sour gourd, candy potatoes, crunchy drumsticks, and bori .

The dish is cooked with freshly grounded spices and milk which provide a thick texture to the pasty gravy.

Kemar Doi Bora

The Shukto Recipe is a pleasant recipe of blended greens this is cooked in a mustard and poppy seed masala, panch phoran, and milk.

This dish has a totally sturdy flavor of mustard and may be a received flavor.

One of the middle greens which might be delivered to that is the sour gourd, in conjunction with uncooked banana, potatoes, carrot, and drumstick.

Kemar Doi Bora

You can of route upload your very own desire for greens, and test with this dish.

4.Mutton Biryani

This dish has a completely unique scent of desi ghee blended with wealthy masalas that you may enjoy. Juicy smooth portions of mutton cooked in rice and tava, and sautéed spices make it a mouth-watering recipe. With a wealthy flavor to offer, this dish is an ought to try.

Calcuttans are actually obsessed with their mutton biryani. Kolkata has its awesome fashion of biryani that’s on a par with the excellent biryanis in India—inclusive of Lucknow-fashion biryani and the Hyderabadi biryani.

Kolkata biryani,

Kolkata biryani, despite the use of a marvelous quantity of spices, isn’t always spicy. It is diffused and aromatic without being dry.

A suitable Kolkata biryani has to be wet and maybe eaten on its own—no raita or salan required.

This fashion of biryani is descended from the Lucknow fashion biryani that got here to Calcutta with the exiled Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah (keep in mind Satyajit Ray’s “Shatranj Ke Khilari”?).

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What commenced with only a handful of eating places which include Royal India Hotel, Shiraz, and Aminia has grown to be the maximum broadly to be had and eaten avenue meals in Calcutta.

Many new eating places have sprung up and the opposition for top-notch biryani in Calcutta is simplest getting tougher.

Mutton Biryani

Our recipe for the Kolkata mutton biryani isn’t perfect, however, it’s miles very, very close. With a few practice, making plans, and staying power this recipe will assist you’re making a superb Calcutta-fashion biryani at home.

5.Aloo Potol Posto

It is a quick, tasty, and mild preparation. Potol Posto or Pointed Gourd is cooked in thick poppy seeds and coconut puree with pink and inexperienced chilies that offer it a warm and wealthy taste. The best quantity of salt and sugar offers this lovely dish a tangy but fiery flavor.

Aloo Potol Posto

Aloo Potol Posto Recipe (Aloo Parwal in Poppy Seed Masala Recipe) is an ordinary Bengali vegetarian dish made with “Potol” additionally referred to as “Parwal” (Indian Gherkin) blended with potato.

The masala is one by one roasted and floor to offer it an additional intensity to the complete dish.

The masala includes poppy seeds, grated coconut, dry inexperienced chilies, cloves, cardamom, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, and methi seeds. 

Aloo Potol Posto

The spices are roasted first if you want to result in the aroma and launch their important oils.

Serve your scrumptious and spicy Aloo Potol Posto (Aloo Parwal in Poppy Seed Masala) with layered Lachha Paratha.

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6.Ilish Macher Jhol

Savor your celebrations with this smelly fish curry. This dish is ready with Hilsa fish in Mustard oil which leaves a tingly flavor withinside the mouth

. Other uploads on spices, like Nigella seeds, chilies, and nice ginger paste supply the flavor with a thrilling twist. 

The fantastically cooked fish is crunchy at the outdoors and juicy at the inside.

Ilish Macher Jhol

Ilish or hilsa is, however, is dealing with extinction because of excessive call for and overfishing. While coverage initiatives among India and Bangladesh are underway to address this alarming situation (hilsa conservation relies upon an extremely good deal on water waft withinside the Padma-Meghna and Hooghly-Bhagirathi river systems),

we will do our bit too. We may be mindful now no longer to shop for any hilsa this is beneath neath 500 g / 25 cm.

Catching of hilsa earlier than the spawning level is adverse to the development of the subsequent generation.

 It is similarly vital additionally to now no longer purchase hilsa for the duration of the breeding season (especially October to November, however even better, till March). In 2016,

Ilish Macher Jhol

Bangladesh becomes cabin a position to grow its hilsa yield through 50 consistent with cent through setting measures in location to prohibit fishing withinside the breeding season.

It additionally laid down and imposed specs for internet length to save you the catching of teenybopper hilsa. There is a want to create greater attention approximately the significance of preserving a fish this is possibly Bengal’s finest cultural icon.

7.Mishti Doi

No Bengali competition is whole without this delectable candy curd. This mild dish after a meal will quickly cool you down, leaving a scrumptious flavor behind. Mishti Doi has a thick and dense texture, much like ice cream. The dry end result supplies the yogurt a crunchy flavor.

Mishti Doi

Mishti doi is a conventional Bengali candy made with milk, curd subculture, and jaggery or sugar. The jaggery used historically to make mishti doi is palm jaggery.

 In the Bengali language, ‘mishti’ method candy and ‘doi’ is curd. In the Hindi language, mishti doi may be referred to as meetha dahi.

Mishti Doi became and is one of my preferred Bengali candy. Some 12 to fourteen years lower back in Mumbai, on activities,

 I could go to one Bengali candy keep in inorbit mall in Malad west. From there I could purchase many Bengali candies and inventory them withinside the fridge. 

I used to paintings then, so manifestly it became less difficult for me to shop for candies than lead them to at home. The easy and but humble mishti doi could undeniably be one of the candies I could constantly purchase.

Mishti Doi

Fermenting mishti doi takes extra time compared to creating curd. The timing additionally varies with the nearby temperature conditions. If you stay in bloodless weather zones, then hold the curd in a heat region in your property e.g close to a heater or internal a lit oven or close to the fuel line stove.

  • Why Bengali Food Is So Famous?

With the nostalgic scent of spices, elements, and mustard oil, Bengali meals is extra than that. When we talk of those five facts, we have a tendency to uphold the culinary range and the awesomeness of Bengali Food.

Bengali Food

Whenever you’re chasing after curious delicacies from Bengal, you have a tendency to discover a lot extra than what’s served on your plate. 

The very fundamental spices to the gravy and the elements are sturdy and show the surprise of Bengal’s gastronomic culture. 

While a few might also additionally peek handiest at some famous ones, a sincere foodie will discover Bengali meals as a universe and his hunger, so satiable. From what you already know, Bengali Food is tons extra than that.

  • What is  Bengali Foods?

Bengali delicacies is a culinary fashion originating in the Bengal area withinside the jap a part of the Indian subcontinent, that is divided among Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam’s Barak Valley. There is an emphasis on fish, vegetables, and lentils served with the staple rice 



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