Idli Recipe – How to make Idli at Home (Super Easy ! )

Idli Recipe | How To Make Idli at home

This Idli recipe is one of the earliest recipes from the Website which has been attempted and examined with super effects with the aid of using lots of our readers.

What is Idli?

Idli is a smooth, pillowy steamed savory cake crafted from rice and lentil batter. The lentils utilized in making idli are urad dal (black gram)


Idli is a conventional breakfast made in each South Indian family such as mine.

Idli is famous now no longer simplest withinside the complete of India however outdoor India too.

Idli is obviously vegetarian, vegan, gluten unfastened and makes for one of the healthiest breakfasts.

The Process of Making Idli

Firstly there are approaches you may make idli.

With Idli Rice: Traditionally idli rice and urad dal are used to make the idli batter. Idli rice is parboiled rice and used especially for making idli and dosa.

This recipe put up stocks the technique of creating idli with idli rice and ordinary white rice. You may even make idli with quick grained rice.

My mother makes one of the satisfactory idlis with partial rice.

At instances, I additionally make idli with the conventional technique of the usage of the simplest idli rice. Urad dal is likewise called black gram, urad bean, and black matte bean.

With husks, those lentils seem black because of their black husks.

With the husks eliminated they have got creamish ivory color and also are known as white lentils.

The urad dal this is used is the husked complete urad dal ideally unpolished. You may even use husked cut up urad dal.

With Idli Rava: A 2nd simpler manner is to apply idli Rava with urad dal. Idli Rava is coarsely floor idli rice and is without problems to be had in stores and online.

I even have shared the technique of creating idli with idli rava on this put up – Idli made with idli Rava.

Soaking rice and lentils: For creating easy conventional idli, first each the rice and the urad dal are rinsed with sparkling water and soaked one at a time for four to five hours.

Quality of rice and urad dal: Make certain to apply each rice and urad dal inside their shelf-date. Always use urad dal that’s sparkling and inside its shelf-life. Aged urad dal does now no longer ferment nicely and makes the idli dense.

How to make Idli at Home

Grinding: Then the lentils (urad dal) are floor to a smooth, fluffy batter and the rice to a semi great consistency. Both the batters are combined and allowed to ferment.

Grinding Equipment: The grinding of the batters, may be carried out in a table-pinnacle stone wet-grinder or in a mixer-grinder.

Table pinnacle stone grinder:

Grinding in a stone grinder is beneficial if creating a big amount of idli batter.

The gain of grinding in a stone grinder is that the urad dal batter receives floor in reality nicely and consequently the idli batter ferments additionally nicely.

The quantity of water to be introduced in a stone-grinder is extra than what’s introduced in a mixer-grinder.

  • For ½ cup soaked urad dal, you may upload approximately 1 cup water.
  • Add water in elements whilst grinding urad dal. For 2 cups of soaked rice, upload approximately
  • 1.five to two cups of water.

Mixer-grinder: The lentils additionally grind nicely in a mixer-grinder or heavy obligation blender like Vitamix.

For smaller portions, a mixer-grinder or blender works like a charm. Everyone does now no longer have a stone grinder.

So I even have shared the distinctive technique on the way to grind the batter in a mixer-grinder with lots of suggestions and recommendations withinside the step-with the aid of the using-step manual below.

I even have each a stone grinder and a mixer grinder. For smaller portions, I use the mixie for grinding, and for large portions, I use the stone grinder.

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Fermentation: Both the floor lentil batter and rice batter are combined thoroughly. Then the batter is saved to ferment in a single day or for eight to nine hours or extra until the batter doubles or triples in quantity having a pleasing bitter aroma.

Steaming: Special pans are used to steam the idli.

You can purchase those pans online. This idli pan is brushed or greased with a few oils.

The batter is poured withinside the pan after which steamed.

Steaming time: The steaming time varies from 12 to fifteen mins. Idli ought to by no means be over steamed as then they emerge as dry and dense.

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Tips for idli batter fermentation

Fermentation is a key aspect of getting smooth, mild, and fluffy idli.

For the right fermentation of idli batter, a warmth is apt. In bloodless climates, fermentation does now no longer manifest nicely.

I get a number of queries on the way to ferment idli or dosa batter in winters.

So I even have summarized my reports withinside the following factors below:

Warmth: Keep the idli batter bowl in a heat location – e.g close to a heater or in a heat location for your kitchen.

Oven: You also can preheat your oven at a low temperature (80 to 90 degrees Celsius) for approximately 10 to 15 mins.

Then transfer off the oven and maintain the batter bowl inside – I use this technique whilst it turns into very bloodless outdoor.

Lights withinside the oven:

Alternatively, in case your oven has lighting fixtures, then maintain the lighting fixtures on and location the batter inside.

How to make Idli at Home

Sugar: The addition of a piece of sugar does assist in fermenting the batter. So I use this technique at instances withinside the winters here.

Salt: During winters, pass including salt to the idli batter as salt retards the fermentation process. It is higher to apply rock salt or sea salt. I constantly use rock salt withinside the idli batter.

Fermentation time in bloodless winters: In winters, maintain the battery for an extended time to ferment, like 14 to 24 hours or extra.

Don’t forget that even in case you do now no longer see the batter doubled or tripled, you ought to see tiny bubbles withinside the batter.

You ought to additionally get the everyday faint bitter fermented aroma from the idli batter.

Instant Yeast: You may even upload ¼ to ½ tsp of on the spontaneous yeast (dissolved in 2 to a few teaspoons of water) 30 to 45 mins earlier than you steam the idli. But do that technique whilst the batter has now no longer fermented nicely.

The disadvantage of this technique is that you need to use all of the batters at once. If you refrigerate then the batter receives too yeasty and bitter.

Baking Soda: You also can upload ¼ to ½ baking soda after which ferment the batter in bloodless seasons.

Fenugreek seeds: The addition of fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) additionally enables fermentation.

Urad dal batter consistency: Urad dal must be floor in reality nicely. Urad dal batter must be smooth, mild, and fluffy. So I advise to grind each urad dal and rice one at a time to get smooth and fluffy idli. A nice floor urad dal batter additionally enables fermentation.

Amount of water: Also don’t forget to feature the best quantity of water withinside the batter. If the water is much less, then the idli turns dense.

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Fermenting idli batter in Instant Pot: In bloodless seasons I use the Instant Pot for fermenting the batter.

Use the yogurt choice and use the much less mode. Place a small trivet withinside the IP metallic insert.

Keep the bowl with the batter at the trivet. Keep the vent role to venting or you may use the Instant Pot glass lid. Set the time for 7 to 8 hours.

On hotter days, the batter will ferment quickly. On less warm days, it can take some extra hours for the batter to ferment withinside the Instant Pot.
Variations with idli batter

There are many feasible versions you may do with a simple idli batter. You can upload lentils like moong dal and make moong dal idli.

Even millets flattened rice (poha) may be introduced to the batter.

Oats also can be introduced. I even have shared the Oats idli recipe.

Experiment with proportions

Idli Recipe

after which determine on the only which offers you the satisfactory idli in phrases of texture and taste.



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