Top 5 Best Places To Eat Sandwiches In Kolkata

best places to eat sandwiches in kolkata

5 Popular Sandwich Eating Places In Kolkata

Experience the first-rate of the sandwiches in those outlets! Here are the best places to eat sandwiches in Kolkata

There is not anything higher than a very good sandwich. Even eleven though it isn’t the go-to meal for Indians, however, sandwiches are something extraordinarily comforting to a few and they’d do whatever to get a take hold of in their favored sandwich.

The first-rate component is the layers of flavors in among portions of bread which monitor themselves with every bite. So, right here are the pinnacle 10 must-go-to locations for ingesting sandwiches that Kolkata has to offer.

5 Best Places To Eat Sandwiches In Kolkata

1.The Bakery

Location: The Lalit Great Eastern

We love The Bakery and it’s far goodies, however, the one sandwich that’s completely savage is the Monte Cristo. We all have sandwiches with simply bread. This one is a conventional sandwich and has fowl and Emmental Cheese in among French toast. Served with Potato Wedges and a salad at the side, this sandwich is real and a match for the gods.

History belonging in the end restored to its former grandeur, The Lalit Great Eastern is one region that can not be missed, mainly its bakery.

It has were given all of the nostalgia and favored bakery objects of erstwhile Calcutta beneath neath the roof. Starting with an English breakfast early withinside the day, sandwiches, and different confectionary and savory objects also are to be had at some point of the day.

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Try out the dim puff (egg puff) if to be had and get transported returned to antique Calcutta. In an attempt to hold the nostalgia, they’ve saved the century-antique baking oven at the doorway and the opposite massive antique baking oven has been transformed right into a personal eating area – a perfect region to have critical discussions over a cup of coffee.

2.Bikers Cafe

Multiple Locations

Famous for his or her breakfasts, Bikers Cafe additionally does a few exceptional sandwiches. Amongst the many, the only one to head for is the Grilled Jerk Chicken with Honey Mustard Sandwich. Soft Pulled Grilled Chicken with a few hand-torn crunchy lettuces and slathered with honey mustard, this sandwich clearly flavourful and noteworthy.

The Biker's Cafe-Elgin
Bikers Cafe

The US-primarily based totally Biker’s Cafe debuted in India with an outlet in Delhi, in 2013. The Kolkata outlet got here in early 2014. Spread over 2,500 sq. ft, this 70-cowl biker-themed café is achieved in wood, wrought iron, and leather-based for the strong look, the tables come imprinted with trademarks of bike giants along with Harley Davidson, the partitions are decorated with biker paraphernalia and World War II helmets make for mild fixtures.

Even the menu speaks the biker-tongue – the Piri Piri grilled fowl burger is referred to as the Knucklehead and the country minced lamb burger – the Terminator. The meals are robust (bikers do now no longer do dainty) and tasty.

The Hungarian style grilled fish bathed in a mild lemon butter sauce comes with a creamy mash, crunchy sautéed greens, and a drizzle of cold oil and barbecue sauce – it is a superb pick. And, their sizzlers are mainly popular. Plus, they have got a wonderful breakfast menu which includes the hangover downshifter, a fiery ham and fried egg sandwich loaded with inexperienced chilies and paprika.

3.N. V. Stores

Location: Lindsay Street and Free School Street crossing

This is one of the gemstones that you can’t miss. They have a whopping forty sorts of sandwiches. Amazing, isn’t it? This is only a small kiosk on the nook of New Market, but, they make the maximum scrumptious sandwiches.

N V Stores,
N. V. Stores

You can pick your bread in addition to a filling and they may make it proper in the front of your eyes. The excellent component is looking at the man make it after which biting right into a crammed up warm grilled sandwich. Try the Chicken Cheese and Egg Sandwich and you’ll now no longer be disappointed.

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What cuisines are served at N.V. Stores?

Main delicacies served at N.V. Stores is Street Food.

What is the price for two at N.V. Stores?

₹400 (approx.) for 2 at N.V. Stores.

4.My Big Fat Belly

Location: 22 Sarat Bose Road

This region dishes out a few incredible burgers and sandwiches. Try the sandwiches from their signature Big Belly witches section. Amongst the many, our choice might be Dolce Vita, which’s a sandwich with Pizza Bread, Mozzarella, and Cream Cheese served with Fries. For meat lovers, the Murg E Azam with Chicken Tikka, Hari Chutney Mayo, and Cheese is blissful.

My Big Fat Belly –
My Big Fat Belly

What cuisines are served at My Big Fat Belly?

Main delicacies served at My Big Fat Belly is Multicuisine

What is the price for two at My Big Fat Belly?

700 (approx.) for 2 at My Big Fat Belly

Is My Big Fat Belly eating place natural veg?

No, My Big Fat Belly serves each veg and non-veg dishes.

5.Monkey Bar

Location: Fort Knox, Camac Street

You will by no means input Monkey bar awaiting to consume a sandwich.

Having stated that, they have a few top-notch Indian pavs primarily based totally combos however the one sandwich that’s a must-try, in particular for fans of the pig, is the Goan Chorizo Pav.

We do now no longer want to say how exact Goan chorizo tastes, however, whilst crammed in among portions of bread with sautéed onions, garlic, and tomatoes, it’s far epic.

If it’s for a bar in which you may take your own circle of relatives and your friends, revel in the atmosphere in addition to the meals and drinks, it’s far none apart from Monkey Bar withinside the city.

It has a beautiful view of the Kolkata skyline with its important monuments, cool music, a small however snug outside terrace, and a few exceptional meals.

The menu created by ‘Chef Manu Chandra’ wishes no introduction. ‘Shaami Sliders with Small Buns with toasted Sesame Seeds loaded with juicy Shaami Kebab, Eggs and Onions and homemade Mint Chutney’ is actually phenomenal. ‘Kerala Beef Fry’ is a stimulated dish with slices of red meat roasted with curry leaves and southern spices and served with gentle bao withinside the shape of an Uttappam.

You can not prevent your self from constantly munching on ‘Tempura Fried Peppered Calamari’ whilst sipping on on your favorite ‘Manga’, a Vodka and Aam Panna concoction.



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