Best 15 Lohri Recipes To Cook in 2021

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Lohri Recipes – Collection Of 15 Lohri Festival Recipes

Collection of 15 Lohri recipes – Lohri is the harvest competition celebrated in north India specifically in Punjab. People accumulate collectively withinside the night time and feature a bonfire. They additionally provide rewri (sesame brittles), popcorn, and peanuts to the hearthplace. The hearthplace is worshipped and one can’t devour the rewri, peanuts, popcorn without first imparting it to the hearthplace.

People sing conventional songs and the tale of dulha bhatti is likewise sung. dulha bhatti became sort of a robinhood discern who helped terrible people. Specially the tale of women sundri and mundri who had been helped via way of means of dulha bhatti is frequently sung for the duration of the event of Lohri.

Lohri Recipes

It’s a joyous time. People dance sing songs and trade gifts. Lohri additionally indicates the cease of wintry weather and the starting of spring. Lohri’s festival is on 13 Jan 2021.

Here in this post, I am sharing a series of 15 Lohri recipes that may be made for the duration of the Lohri festival.

15 Lohri recipes you must try this lohri

1.Sarson ka saag – it’s miles one of the maximum famous Punjabi recipes made for the duration of winters. Sarson ka saag crowned with homemade butter and served with Makki di roti isn’t always the handiest comforting however additionally warms up the palate in addition to the body. Other versions of saag published on a weblog are:

Sarson ka saag
  • Palak saag
  • Chane ka saag
  • Methi palak saag paneer.
  1. Makki di roti –The Most famous North Indian maize flour bread. The bread is unleavened and cooked in ghee. the combination of Makki di roti with Sarson ka saag crowned with white butter is too good. If you go to Punjab for the duration of winters then don’t pass over this blend of Makki di roti with Sarson ka saag. It’s now no longer the handiest scrumptious however additionally very warming for the duration of winters.
Makki di roti
  1. Pindi chole – that is one of the simplest chana recipes to make. As no grinding, no lengthy frying or sauteing (bhunaoing) is needed and no making or powdering the chole masala. All you want is readymade chole masala. And the relaxation of the whole thing is simple and brief. Other famous chole sorts on a weblog are:
Pindi chole
  • Peshawari Chole
  • Palak chole
  • Methi chole
  1. Atta ladoo – smooth and brief to put together scrumptious ladoos made with entire wheat flour or atta.
Atta ladoo
  1. Mooli ka paratha – entire wheat flatbreads full of spiced grated radish. These parathas are frequently made as breakfast in Punjabi homes. Few greater famous Paratha recipes made are:
Mooli ka paratha

6.Besan ladoo – one of the famous ladoos frequently made for the duration of festive occasions. Besan ladoo is simple and wholesome candy that’s made throughout India. You also can take a look at this recipe of Besan halwa.

Besan ladoo
  1. Gobi pakora – crisp fried marinated cauliflower fritters made with gram flour. Pakoras are relished for the duration of winters or in monsoons. Other famous pakoras in north India are:
Gobi pakora
  1. Peanut chikki recipe – wintry weather unique candy of crisp peanut brittles.
Peanut chikki recipe
  1. Matar paneer – spiced and creamy curry with peas and cottage cheese. A own circle of relatives recipe which is simple and easy to put together. You also can take a look at this Methi paneer.
Matar paneer
Matar paneer
  1. Chole recipe – this Punjabi chole masala recipe offers very good stability of spiciness, flavor, and flavor. Other famous chole versions published on a weblog are:
Chole recipe
  • Amritsari chole
  • Chickpea curry – excellent smooth to make.
  • Chana masala – highly spiced chickpea curry made in South Indian fashion with coconut
  1. Dal makhani – it’s miles one of the maximum famous Punjabi lentil primarily based totally recipe. Dal makhani is made with entire black gram & kidney beans. You ought to see dal makhani being served in marriages, engagements, and nearly any events in India. The greater gradual-cooked dal makhani is, the higher it tastes. Two greater versions I even have shared on a weblog are:
Dal makhani

This smooth Home fashion one pot dal makhani
Dhaba styled dal makhani.

  1. Palak paneerthat is one of the maximum famous Indian dishes. Soft paneer cubes cooked in easy spinach curry. Another scrumptious variant is this One-pot palak paneer eating place fashion, which has the smoking or dhungar approach included in it.
Palak paneer
  1. Panjiri recipe – a conventional Punjabi candy made with entire wheat flour or atta. panjiri is a dry candy wherein entire wheat flour is roasted in ghee after which powdered sugar is brought to this blend. Generally, we upload Khand or Khansari, that’s desi uncooked sugar to it. You also can upload natural unrefined cane sugar in case you do now no longer get desi khand.
Panjiri recipe
  1. Gur wale chawal (jaggery rice) – this orangish amber-colored jaggery rice recipe is candy and delectable one. Generally, you simply have it plain. But it additionally tastes nice, while you’re taking a touch of milk, blend it with the nice and cozy jaggery rice and devour it.
Gur wale chawal (jaggery rice)
  1. Gajar halwacarrot halwa is one of the maximum famous halwa recipes this is made with grated carrots. The recipe shared here’s a conventional gradual cooked recipe of carrot halwa with simply carrots, milk, ghee, sugar, and a few dry fruits. I even have additionally shared the smooth recipe of Condensed milk jar halwa.
Gajar halwa

Can we consume chicken on Lohri?

Lohri is the primary competition of the 12 months there are a few ingredients like popcorn and fowl which can be precise on your weight loss, whilst a few like chole bhature and fried potatoes which can be not.

Are Makar Sankranti and Lohri same?

While Makar Sankranti is maximum famous in West India, down south, the competition is referred to as Pongal and withinside the north, it’s far celebrated as Lohri. Uttarayan, Maghi, Khichdi are a few different names of the same competition.

Can we non veg on Dussehra?

Navratri ingredients are to be had in numerous hotels, eating places during the nine days of celebration, even it’s miles very famous amongst youth. These days are taken into consideration purest and those avoid ingesting non-vegetarian food, onion and garlic


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