Samosa-Most Knowable fast food Recipe

Samosa-Fast Food Recipe

Flaky and smooth fried samosa is one of the maximum famous recipes in North Indian cuisine. They function as a pastry-like crust however are packed with savory potatoes and peas for a hearty, scrumptious snack. This step by step manual will assist you to make the flakiest, tastiest, clearly quality Punjabi samosa from scratch!


What makes this the best self-made samosa recipe? My foolproof commands will assure that your potatoes and peas samosa are hearty with a superbly flaky, crispy crust.

I use a bit less water than a few different recipes to make my dough, which creates an even flakier and crave-cabin a position samosa crust. (This is likewise the trick I use to make samosa pie, which is a notable non-fried opportunity to the conventional samosa.)


Plus, the filling in those Best Punjabi Samosa is just fantastic. It’s amazing clean to put together in a stovetop stress cooker or the use of an Instant Pot and in a pan at the stove. Green peas and potatoes are mixed with conventional Indian spices for a warm, pleasurable stuffing with the intention to maintain you trying more.

With an ideal crust and comforting filling, this recipe is an actual winner! Give it a try to you’ll be surprised at how easy and a laugh it’s far to make samosa from scratch at home.

Our non-public favored is and could usually be a Punjabi samosa that is what this recipe is all about. The conventional potato and inexperienced peas stuffing on this recipe are tailored from my cooking college notes.

How to Make Samosa

Below is my entire step-via way of means of-step manual with snapshots for making the excellent Punjabi samosa from scratch.

You begin via way of means of making the savory filling and pastry dough. Then bring together the samosa, fry, and experience together along with your favorite dipping sauces and chutneys!

Making the Stuffing

1.The first step to self-made samosa is to prepare dinner with the potatoes and peas for the filling.


To prepare dinner the potatoes and peas in a stovetop stress cooker: Place three medium-sized complete potatoes (three hundred to 450 grams) and a couple of to 2.five cups water in a three or four-liter stress cooker. On the pinnacle of the potatoes cautiously set a small trivet and stress cooker-secure bowl with ½ cup inexperienced peas. Pressure prepare dinner for five to six whistles or 7 to eight mins on medium to the medium-excessive flame.

If the usage of an Instant Pot: Place three medium-sized complete potatoes withinside the metal insert of a 6 quart IP. Add 2 cups of water. Place a trivet on the pinnacle of the potatoes, and on the pinnacle of the trivet set a bowl with ½ cup of inexperienced peas. Pressure prepare dinner on excessive for 20 to twenty-five mins.

2. For the stovetop strain cooker, cast off the lid after all of the strain falls withinside the cooker. For the Instant Pot, do a short strain launch after five to 7 mins. Check with a knife or fork to look if the potatoes are cooked well. The knife or fork needs to be capable of slide thru without problems if the potatoes are cooked properly.

If the potatoes are undercooked, then prepare dinner for them for some extra mins the use of the strain prepare dinner function. Once done, drain the potatoes and peas in a colander and set apart to cool.

3. Next, toast the spices. This will assist to launch their flavors and ought to now no longer be skipped!

To a small frying pan over low warmth upload ½ inch cinnamon stick, 1 clove (optional), 1 inexperienced cardamom, three black peppercorns, ½ teaspoon cumin seeds, ½ teaspoon fennel seeds, and a pair of teaspoon coriander seeds.

Heat the spices for only a few mins till aromatic, being cautious to now no longer burn.

4. Remove the spices from the warmth and permit to chill completely. Then, placed them in a spice grinder or small mixer-grinder jar.

5. Grind the toasted spices to a semi-fine powder, and set aside.

6. Peel the pores and skin off of the cooked potatoes, and chop them in ½ to at least one-inch cubes.

7. In a small skillet, warmness 1 tablespoon oil and crackle ½ teaspoon cumin seeds till fragrant. I used mustard oil because it sincerely provides a punch withinside the stuffing. You can use an impartial oil like sunflower oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil, or canola oil.

8. Keep the heat on low and upload 1 teaspoon finely chopped or minced ginger and a pair of teaspoons finely chopped inexperienced chilies. Sauté for some seconds till the uncooked aroma of ginger is going away.

9. Now you could transfer off the flame or preserve the flame to a low. Then upload the cooked inexperienced peas, ½ teaspoon pink chili powder, 1 pinch of asafoetida (hing), the dry floor spice blend that we made, and 1 to two teaspoons dry mango powder (amchur). The mango powder is what offers the samosa filling its signature tangy taste that balances so well with the savory, highly spiced flavors of the opposite stuffing ingredients.

Frying Samosa

The very last step to creating the fine Punjabi samosa from scratch is to fry them to a flawlessly crisp golden brown. Use any impartial flavored oil to deep fry – sunflower oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil are a few options.

Heat the oil for deep frying in a Kadai or pan. Test the oil by including a small piece of dough – it must arise speedily if the oil is warm sufficient for frying. Once the oil turns warm, lightly slide three to four of the organized crammed samosa into the oil, after which straight away lessen the flame to low. Do now no longer overcrowd the pan to make certain every samosa fries evenly!

Stuffing Variations

There are many variations in samosa stuffing depending on the region and state in India.

In Delhi and Punjab, potatoes by myself or a mixture of peas and potatoes are common – in which the potatoes or peas aren’t overwhelmed or mashed. The potato cubes are cooked flawlessly however in the form of some inexperienced chili portions withinside the filing. There is a few sourness on this stuffing as dry mango powder or dry pomegranate powder are delivered. A few extra spices are delivered as well.

In a few variations, raisins also are delivered which offers the samosa a sweet-bitter taste. Sometimes cashews also are delivered for a few crunches.

In a few places, the filling is completely mashed with lots of spices delivered.

If the inexperienced chilies aren’t delivered withinside the filling then fried inexperienced chilies are commonly served separately.

Samosa-Most Knowable fast food Recipe

Some human beings additionally upload ginger-garlic paste and on few uncommon occasions, I even have determined chopped carrots portions additionally withinside the stuffing.

A variant with blend veggies is likewise made. Veggies like peas, carrots, cauliflower, and potatoes are delivered.

Onion samosa is some other variant in which a spiced combination of onions and pour (flattened rice) is stuffed withinside the samosa.

Sweet samosa is likewise made with a stuffing of khoya (mawa), nuts, and dry fruits. This is made commonly at some stage in fairs like Diwali or Holi. This samosa also is referred to as khoya samosa or dry fruit samosa.

A variant is likewise made with paneer cubes delivered withinside the stuffing.

Cocktail samosa is a small-sized samosa full of a dry filling of spices, nuts, and dry fruits.

Expert Tips

So you should be questioning what must be the ideal proportions of components withinside the pastry dough and the best frying method – to get that flaky and crispy crust. I destroy it down for you in detail.

1. Proportion of fats

The number of fats (which we name as “Moyen or moan” in Hindi) must be in the precise share in a samosa pastry dough. One of my culinary professional buddies constantly shows to feature ⅕ of fats to at least one a part of flour in weight. Example: For 1 kilogram of flour, you need to upload two hundred grams of fats. In this samosa recipe, I actually have saved the identical ⅕ share of fats – that’s 50 grams for 250 grams of flour.

2. Proportion of water

A samosa crust dough must be kneaded to a decent and organized dough. The dough ought to now no longer be smooth like bread or roti dough. So you want to feature much less water while kneading. The quantity of water so as to be introduced relies upon the excellent of the flour. Thus upload water in elements whilst you knead the dough.

3. Rolling samosa crust

You should roll the crust flippantly retaining 1 mm thickness all over. Do now no longer roll the crust too thick. A thick crust will take in masses of frying time ensuing in a difficult texture.

Do now no longer roll the dough too thin. It won’t be capable of incorporate the potato stuffing and burst in oil. So do maintain in thoughts those pointers at the same time as rolling the dough.

4. Two frying techniques

There are frying techniques to get that ideal crispy flaky crust in a samosa.

1. Frying at a low temperature

In this method, first of all, warm the oil at a medium or medium-excessive temperature. Then upload the samosa into the recent oil. As quickly as you upload the samosa to the recent oil, lessen the warmth to a low or medium-low and fry samosa on a low warmness. This guarantees that they do now no longer soak up an excessive amount of oil. If you immediately positioned the samosa in much less warm oil, they absorb an excessive amount of oil. If you fry samosa in totally warm oil, then a tiny air bubble wallet can shape the crust and the internal part of the crust may be undercooked.

2. Frying twice

This is a bit prolonged approach and the only which I will propose you to attempt even as making samosa when you have masses of time. In this approach to start with you need to gently fry the samosa now no longer letting them come to be golden – simply that the dough has to appear cooked.

Add the samosa in warm oil and put off them whilst the crust has come to be opaque and creamish white. Fry till gently fried in order that whilst you put off them they’ll now no longer break. Set them aside. Then decrease the warmth of the oil and fry the samosa once more till they’re golden.

With each of the methods, the very last samosa can be crisp & flaky from outdoor and cooked nicely from inside – just like the one you get withinside the markets and there can be no air wallet at the crust.


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