Peter Cat Kolkata – Best Restaurant in North Kolkata


Peter Cat Kolkata – One Of the Best restaurant in  North Kolkata 

The famous restaurant Peter Cat Kolkata had opened its new doorways in the early 60s and has still managed to hold its place since the opening of it in Kolkata & also being the most loveable restaurants in the taste of the bongs.

Peter Cat Kolkata

Years down the lane it remains extraordinarily famous with the people of Kolkata. Legend says that the restaurant gets its name after a pet cat (named Peter) whose house turned into the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London from 1952 to 1964.

Surely, a treasured present for a town this is absolutely the love for cricket.

The décor and the dimly-lit interiors talk about the history of Kolkata.

The waiter’s appearance dressed in their purple and white Rajasthani outfits; pretty an assessment to an eating place that served multi-cuisines dishes.

The menu that comes withinside the form of a cat’s head has a few absolute delights.

Peter Cat Kolkata

The famous Chelo Kebab is a have to have at the same time as 
You Are visiting Peter Cat.

Chelo Kebab is an Iranian (Persian) wherein freshly baked kebabs are served with a bowl of steamed rice. At Peter Cat, it’s miles served with one set of chicken kebab and mutton kebab.

Th e residence’s unique sizzler served with pork sausages, chicken steak, veggies, and eggs is every other iconic dish of the eating place.

If you love vegetarian food, do take a further serving of the Persian Pulao and Nentara (a chef’s unique clean lawn greens deliciously spiced).

Save a few urges for food for a few individual cakes like fruit salad and cream, cream caramel, and soufflé of the day.

Peter Cat Kolkata

Restaurant Information

  •  Rs 1000 For 2 (Approx) 
  • North Indian
  • Today, 11:00 AM to 11:15 PM
  • 18-A, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Expert Advice
Other than the Chelo kabab, do attempt out the fried bekti with tartare sauce.

One of the few locations left in Kolkata nevertheless serving authentic bekti and now no longer basa, not like many different restaurants

The region is constantly scorching with sizzlers that are constantly really well worth attempting out

Order for beer, on the grounds that they serve beer in metal mugs which take you again to the colonial period

Customers Positive Reviews On Peter Cat Kolkata

Another mythical eating place in Kolkata, there’s constantly a queue to go into the eating place on any given day for lunch or dinner service.

The region is understood for its Chelo kabab, even though I have to say that it truly isn’t the equal excellent because it was earlier.

The atmosphere is darkish and it’s miles constantly crowded. So, in case you are seeking out a few non-public spaces, then this isn’t the region to be.

Peter Cat Kolkata

Faqs on Peter Cat Kolkata

What cuisines are served at Peter Cat?
The main delicacies served at Peter Cat are North Indian.

What is the price for two at Peter Cat?

1000 (approx.) for 2 at Peter Cat.

Is Peter Cat eating place natural veg?
− No, Peter Cat serves each veg and non-veg dishes.

Does Peter Cat eat place play stay tune?
− No, Peter Cat would not play stay tune

What is Peter Cat eating place timings?
− Peter Cat eating place timing For Today: 11:00 AM to 11:15 PM

Does Peter Cat eat place serve buffet?
− No, Peter Cat does now no longer serve buffet.

Does Peter Cat eating place have a bar or serve alcohol?
-No, Peter Cat does now no longer serve alcohol.

What are the great and must-strive dishes at Peter Cat?
− People love Chelo kabab, French Fries the maximum at Peter Cat.

Peter Cat Kolkata

Popular Dishes on Peter Cat

Chicken Marakesh, Behtki Meunier, Pistachio Ice Cream, Fish Meuniere, Chicken Irani Kebab, Prawn Butter Masala

 This Place Is Known For
Family Favorite, Courteous Waiters, Retro Ambience, Classic Ambience, Sophisticated Ambience, Dress Code

Peter Cat Kolkata

Our Personal Top 5 Recommendations For Your Next Visit

  1. Vegetable Chelo Kebab

Only For Rs 385

House Special! Vegetable Chelo kebabs prepared in rare spices blended with Persian herbs, served with buttered rice and veggies

2.Mutton Chelo Kebab

For Rs 495
House Special! Mouthwatering Mutton Chelo kebab served in a bed of buttered rice and an egg

3.Becki Meuniere
Fish Fillet prepared in tartar sauce and served with potato

4.Chicken Steak
A large chicken piece well marinated and served with boiled and spiced veggies

5.Tandoori Mixed Grill
Passionately recommended.



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