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Momos Recipe

  • What are Momos? As Momo Recipe I have referenced above, momos are dumplings made with flour and an appetizing stuffing. This stuffing can be made with veggies, ocean depths, chicken or paneer (curds) .
  • Technique for cooking: Momos can be steamed, prepared or southern style. We lean toward steamed momos over the singed ones. This formula is for making steamed momos.
  • Appetizing stuffing: This momo formula has a stuffing of blend veggies. The veggies I like to add are a blend of cabbage, carrots, french beans, capsicum and onions.
  • Some of the time I likewise add white catch mushrooms for a substantial surface and they additionally give a pleasant umami flavor.
  • Batter: The mixture for the dumplings is made with universally handy flour. Yet, you can even make the batter with entire wheat flour.
  • Taste: In this formula, the appetizing veggie filling has a decent taste and is delicately spiced, with the goal that it goes with any zesty and hot sauce quite well.
  • Time escalated: Making momos or faint total takes a serious decent measure of time. So when you have sufficient opportunity to extra, at that point make them. In the event that you have some assistance, at that point the time will diminish. Be that as it may, in the event that you do everything all alone, it takes about 1.5 to 2 hrs, contingent upon your working rate and the contraptions you have in your kitchen.
  • Molding: The forming of the momos come through training and I do shape them nicely. In the bit by bit photograph manage beneath, I have shared two different ways of forming momos. Pick the forming strategy that is simple for you.

Serving Momos :

  • We love steaming hot momos with a hot sauce. I make these on days when we ache for some southeast asian food.
  • I have had extraordinary compared to other faint aggregate in the Mainland China Restaurant a very long time back. That time I didn’t realize that faint entirety would turn into a mainstream road food in the northern pieces of India.
  • A few years back when we lived in Gurgaon, I was stunned to consider faint to be as a road food nibble in numerous spots.
  • When living in Goa, there was an eatery only a couple kilometers from our place and concentrated uniquely in momos with various types of stuffings. The proprietor’s significant other was a Tibetan and she and her staff would set up the dumplings
  • The sauce they used to present with the momos was a hot, hot sauce thus great. I even had these steamed dumplings with an exceptionally zesty sauce in Dharamsala, India.
  • The momos are not hot but rather the sauce that is presented with these is hot. I have a great formula of a zesty momos sauce which we call as Momos Chutney. You can attempt this hot sauce when you make these steamed dumplings.
  • You can even serve these with schezwan sauce or sriracha sauce or hoisin sauce or red stew garlic sauce.

Instructions to make momos or faint entirety

For simplicity of comprehension, I have isolated this post into 4 primary parts.

  • Stage 1 – Making the mixture
  • Stage 2 – Making veggie stuffing
  • Stage 3 – Shaping momos
  • Stage 4 – Steaming veg momos

Lets start with———————–

Step 1 – Making the mixture

Momos Recipe
  • Take 1 cup universally handy flour, ¼ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon oil in a bowl. Blend well in with a spoon.universally handy flour, salt and oil taken in a dark blending bowl 
  • Add 2 to 3 tablespoon water in parts and start to manipulate to a firm batter. Try not to make the batter delicate as then it gets hard to shape the dumplings. Whenever required you can add 1 to 2 tablespoons more water.Added water in parts and manipulated batter incompletely
  • Spread the mixture with a soggy napkin or kitchen towel. Let the batter rest for 30 minutes.
Momos Recipe

Stage 2 – Making veggie stuffing

  • 1. Finely chop the vegetables. You will need 1.5 to 1.75 cups of finely chopped veggies. You can also use a food processor to finely chop vegetables like cabbage, carrots, french beans.Veggies like capsicum (green bell pepper), button mushrooms and spring onions (scallions) can be chopped by a knife.finely chopped vegetables in a white plate
Momos Recipe
  • 2. Heat oil in a thick bottomed frying pan or wok. Add ½ teaspoon finely chopped garlic. Saute for  few seconds on medium-low heat.Sauteing garlic in oil
Momos Recipe
  • 3. Add spring onion whites (2 small spring-onions which have been chopped finely) . Stir and sauté for 10 to 15 seconds on medium-low heat.finely chopped spring onion whites being sauteed in the pan
  • 4. Add all the finely chopped vegetables.finely chopped vegetables added in the pan
Momos Recipe
  • 5. Increase the flame and stir fry the vegetables on a medium to high heat. If we have not used a  thick bottom pan, then saute the veggies on a low to medium heat. Saute or stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes. Then add 1 teaspoon soy sauce, ½ teaspoon black pepper and salt as per taste.added soy sauce, black pepper and salt to the stir fry vegetables
Momos Recipe
  • 6. Continue to stir fry on a medium to high flame for few minutes more. add 1 to 2 tbsp of the onions greens. Mix well. Check the taste and add  salt, pepper or soy sauce, if needed.added chopped spring onion greens to the stir with fried veggies
Momos Recipe

  • 7. The vegetable stuffing is ready. Let the stuffing cool completely.

Step 3 – Shaping momos, 1st method

  • Separation the batter in two parts.dough partitioned in two parts
  • Momos Recipe
  • Make a 7 to 8 inches log from each part. cut the sign into equivalent slices.cutting a log of batter with blade
Momos Recipe
  • Shape into a bundle of every mixture piece and keep them secured with a sodden napkin.dough balls made and kept on a white marble board
  • Take every mixture ball and on a delicately cleaned board. Fold every mixture ball into a flimsy hover of around 3 to 4 inches diameter.rolling the batter ball
Momos Recipe
  • The edges must be meager and the middle must be thick.rolled batter
  • Apply water with at the tip of your finger or with a little cake brush towards the perimeter. This is a discretionary step.applying water at the edges of the moved mixture with fingertips.
  • Spot 2 to 3 teaspoons of vegetable stuffing in the center.placing vegetable stuffing with a wooden spoon in the focal point of the moved mixture
Momos Recipe
  • Lift one side of the edge and begin creasing. (You can likewise allude to the video above or in the formula card beneath to perceive how the creasing is done).lifting one side of the edge and starting to crease.
Momos Recipe
  • Start to crease the momos. creasing the veg momos
  • Join all the creases in the center.joining the creases in the middle
  • A creased and formed faint aggregate.Momo Recipe Momo Recipe Momo Recipe

Step 3 – Shaping momos , 2 methods

  • Another simple technique to shape momos – join the edges.joining both the edges
  • This is an easy method. The momo is shaped like gujiya or karanji. You can stop here or can proceed to the next step.folding and pressing the edges like an empanada or gujiya
  • Bring both the end together and join.bringing both the ends together and joining them
  • Prepare all momos this way and keep them covered under a moist napkin until you are ready to steam them.Momo Recipe

Step 4 – Steaming veg momos

  • Oil a liner skillet with some oil.greased dish with oil
  • Mastermind them in the dish, keeping space between them.veg momos organized conveniently on the skillet with some space in the middle
Momos Recipe
  • Steam them in an electric cooker or a liner skillet. You can likewise utilize idli dish or constrain cooker to steam. Add 2 cups water in the pot or skillet while steaming. (Check formula notes in the formula card below.)The liner skillet with the veg momos kept inside an electric cooker for steaming
  • Spread and steam for 5 to 6 minutes till the external mixture gets straightforward. Try not to overcook as then the external mixture, gets thick and chewy. The steaming time may fluctuate upon the thickness of momos’ spread. At the point when you contact the momo then batter ought not feel clingy to you. This implies they are done and the momos will have a straightforward look.steamed veg momos
  • Serve veg momos hot with momos chutney or red stew garlic chutney, fiery schezwan sauce or pureed tomatoes. They additionally go best with a zesty sauce and ought to be eaten hot.
Momos Recipe

Momo Recipe Master Tips

  • Mixture: The batter must be firm and tight. Try not to add more water and make the mixture delicate. A milder batter won’t be anything but difficult to shape.
  • Stuffing: For the stuffing you could utilize your number one veggies. You could likewise make a stuffing with simply button mushrooms or a blend of new mushrooms. Another variety would be utilize some squashed or bubbled potatoes and paneer (Indian curds.
  • Flavors, spices and flavors: In the stuffing I lean toward some umami thus I love adding soy sauce. In any case, you can try different things with various flavors here. State – Indian ground flavors and spices, Mexican flavoring, Miso or any flavor profile you like.
  • Steaming: While steaming keep some space between the dumplings. In the wake of steaming the momos grow and you don’t need them adhering to one another. The steaming should be possible in an Instant Pot, Electric Cooker, Pot or even in an Idli liner (all choices referenced in the notes part of the formula card underneath).
  • Checking for doneness: After the momos are steamed, when you contact the batter it ought not feel clingy. The momos will likewise look straightforward.
  • Gluten Free: You can make faint whole sans gluten by utilizing a millet flour or rice flour. Simply molding them can be dubious. Add enough bubbling water, ½ teaspoon oil, ¼ teaspoon salt to 1 cup of any millet flour or rice flour. Blend in with a spoon. Spread and let mixture become warm and afterward work to a smooth batter.

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