Kaju katli recipe – Diwali Special

Kaju katli – Diwali Special  

kaju katli ought to be thin rather than thick like a barfi.  The term’ katli’ signifies’thin slices’.   

About  Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is a essentially cashew fudge and it’s a sought after and loved Indian candy.  Whenever we get a huge box of kaju barfi in your home, they simply get within a few days.

Should you keep in north India afterward through Diwali festival you may be given a box of kaju katli or sterile fruits as a present.


Kaju Katli


It’s among the most well-known candies that’s talented to relatives and friends throughout the Diwali festival in North India.

I won’t state making kaju katli in your home is simple.  Frankly speaking it isn’t.  If you’re making for the very first time, then simply forgive yourself whether the kaju katli doesn’t turn out nicely.

I tried different ways of earning kaju katli in the home.  Each of the recipes & ways of making kaju barfi have been disasters.

Back I ended up producing something different out of the kaju barfi mix and after I had to throw off the entire kaju barfi mix.  Something that I hate doing.  I couldn’t rescue the cashew fudge at all.

From Such disasters I learnt a Couple of things that lead to Receive a perfect kaju katli that are:


  • The feel of this powdered cashews
  • The consequences of this sugar syrup
  • Feel of cashew dough


Why kneading the cashew dough is equally vital.

Learning out of my trials, I managed to create this fool-proof recipe of kaju katli.

This measure by a step article is a sincere effort to split the approach to acquire the ideal kaju katli in your home.

Because I fought with this Indian candies many times while creating the other Indian candies have been a cake walk.  I’ve cited the strategies and pointers at the step-by-step recipe details.

Kaju Katli


I also have added new organic rose in my balcony garden in the kaju katli.  This is completely optional and you may just bypass it.

Should you prefer you may even add increased water or saffron.  Otherwise there are not any flavorings inserted from the kaju katli.  It’s simply cashews and sugar levels

Edible silver foil (varak) can also be set on the kaju burfi.  Because I do not use varak, I’ve skipped it entirely.


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The best way to create Kaju Katli


  •  Take 1 cup cashews/kaju at a dry grinder or coffee grinder.  I typically maintain cashews at room temperature.  Thus the cashews are still dry.  Prevent using refrigerated cashews

  •  Grind the kaju into a smooth powder.  Ensure that you don’t over do the grinding procedure as oil shouldn’t discharge out of the cashews.  I conducted the mixer in a stretch initially and then scraped the sides and then conducted again at intervals to get a few times.
Kaju Katli

  • The cashews ought to be in powder form, not become pasty.  Whether there are little pieces from the cashew powder, then simply allow it to be…. .   Use a moderate fine sieve rather than a nice one to sieve the roasted cashews.



  •  Require 1/2 cup sugar (or as needed ) and 5 tablespoons water in a thick bottomed pan (or kadai or a skillet ).

  •  Keep on low fire and allow the sugar dissolve in water.  There’s not any consistency at the sugar syrup just like one string or 2 series.  Just allow the sugar dissolve in the water and proceed with the next step.


 After the sugar completely dissolves in the water, then add the cashew powder.

 Stir and continue stirring and stirring on a low fire.  If there are bumps subsequently split the lumps as you stir and continue to stir.

 The mix would begin thickening and come together.  If it starts coming together in 1 form and begins looking like a quite soft dough.  It’s time to eliminate the entire bulge of this mix from the pan and put it onto a surface.  This practice of having the kaju katli soup required me precise 8 minutes on a very low fire.



Depending upon your temperature, pan you can use a time period of 7 to 9 minutes after incorporating the cashew powder.  Another method of assessing is carrying a little bit of the dough and shape into a ball.  The ball shouldn’t stick to your fingers and be eloquent.  Do not even bother to scratch the edges.  They’re chew

Steps To make kaju katli


  •  Set the whole cashew dough onto the surface. 

  •  Add 1 teaspoon rose petals (or increased water or 8-9 strands of saffron) and one tablespoon ghee or coconut oil.  


The dough would be quite hot.  So as soon as the heat is sufficient to manage start to knead the dough.

  Do not do as this can release oil in the cashews.  The grainy texture in the dough goes off because you knead it.  Bear in mind the dough ought to be warm when kneading.  You could even employ some oil or ghee in your palms rather than incorporating ghee/oil separately.  In the event the dough is soft, then add a tsp of a milk powder.  If the dough seems dense or dry, add a tsp of milk to soften it.

 Flatten the dough and set it onto a greased plate or tray.  It is also possible to put it on a huge butter paper.  The cashew dough should continue to be warm or hot once you begin rolling it.  As it cools it’s going to harden becomes and more hard to roll up.


Kaju katli





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            There’ll be nice cracks around the dough.

 To smoothen the cracks, then put butter paper at the top and roll more.  This may smoothen the cracks and the kaju katli will have a sleek look.  The cashew dough may also be wrapped between 2 butter newspapers.

 Roll to find a depth of approximately 3 to 5 mm.  Allow the wrapped cashew dough cool.

 Once cooled thoroughly, cut on the cashew dough into squares or diamond shapes.  Scrape off the irregular edges and you may have them.

 With a butter knife lightly eliminate the kaju katli bits in the ground, taking care they don’t break.



  Leave kaju katli or save them in air tight container.

Allow me to inform you, kaju katli will get over really soon  you are able to create kaju barfi for any festive event.  Another variant of the recipe that you ought to try after mastering this recipe would be kaju anjeer roster (cashew fig roster ).  They’re also equally famous as kaju barfi. 

Follow This Steps –


  • Powder that the cashew at a coffee grinder or a dry grinder.
  • The cashews ought to be in powdered form, not become pasty or fatty.


On Creating Kaju Katli Mixture

On a very low fire heat water and sugar in a thick bottomed or nonstick pan or kadai.

When all of the sugar dissolved in the water, then add the cashew powder.  There’s not any consistency in the glucose required like one series or 2 series.  Just allow the sugar dissolve in the water and proceed with the next step.


  • Stir and continue stirring the cashew mix on a very low fire.

  • The cashew mix would begin thickening.

  • Cook the kaju mix for approx 7-9 minutes until the entire mixture starts to come along.

  • Creating Kaju Katli

  • Eliminate the entire bulge of this kaju mix from the pan and put it on surface, plate or bowl.

  • Insert the rose petals and ghee or oil into the cashew mix.

  • Once the warmth in the mix is sexy enough to manage, then knead the cashew mix.

  • Flatten the dough and put it onto a butter paper or onto a greased plate/thali or tray.

  • Put a butter paper at the top and then with a rolling pin, roll lightly the dough from many sides until you get to a depth of 3-5 millimeters from the dough.

  • Eliminate the butter paper and then allow the wrapped dough cool.

  • When fully cooled, with a sharp knife cut on the cashew dough offering diamond or square shapes.


Drink the kaju katli right off or keep in an air tight container.



  • If using saffron then roast them in a skillet then coarsely powder them at a mortar-pestle.  Add the powdered saffron from the cashew dough.
  • If using rose water, then add it into the water and sugar solution.




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